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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

IDF troops asleep at the wheel

YNet reports that six IDF soldiers fell asleep while on guard duty on the Gaza border, allowing two 'Palestinians' to be smuggled across the border from Gaza and into the 'West Bank' by waiting Bedouin.
Several days ago six IDF soldiers fell asleep while on ambush near the Israel- Egypt border, allowing two Palestinians to infiltrate Israel from the Gaza Strip, Ynet learned Tuesday.

The troops were consequently dismissed of duty and sent to jail. IDF sources admitted that this was a very serious incident that could have resulted in soldiers being abducted.

Several infiltration attempts had been foiled in the same area in the past. The IDF operates on the premise that every infiltration could result in a terror attack.
But what's amazing about this story is not that bunch of combat soldiers fell asleep, but that these two 'Palestinians' are apparently still at large in the 'West Bank' and the IDF professes to know that they are not involved in terror activity.
The Palestinians, who apparently were not armed, had been taken to the West Bank, and the IDF believes that they are not involved in terrorist activity.
Since the IDF knows so much about them, maybe they ought to be caught and sent back to Gaza anyway? Just a thought....


At 6:29 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Its the kind of excuse-making and evasion of duty that's turning into a recurrent habit in Israel. There's no responsibility, no vigilance and no accountability. The system that is supposed to keep Israel safe is broken down.


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