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Monday, July 27, 2009

Awesome: Hezbullah training Lebanese Armed Forces

A Kuwaiti newspaper reports that Hezbullah is training officers of the Lebanese Armed Forces to fight alongside it in the event of a war with Israel. Additionally, an entire battalion of the Lebanese Armed Forces is to operate within Hezbullah.
Lebanese defense officials believe there is a secret pact between Hizbullah and top officers in the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), the Kuwaiti paper Asiyassa reported on Monday.

According to the account, a LAF battalion will operate within the framework of Hizbullah and have independence and access to the group's arsenal.

The paper said Israel gave the United States and European governments which have UNIFIL contingencies (France, Germany, Spain and Italy) information which proves Hizbullah was training dozens of LAF soldiers to prepare them to fight alongside Hizbullah guerrillas in case the IDF attacks Lebanon. Israel conveyed the information on July 1st, according to the report.

The LAF battalion in Hizbullah, according to Asiyassa, would include 150 troops and these would have access to areas south of the Litani River to where Hizbullah fighters are currently prohibited in the framework of UN Resolution 1701. Hizbullah reportedly trained the officers on the use of specific Iranian missiles with average- and long-distance ranges.

The Jerusalem Post could not confirm the Kuwaiti report.
And you can bet what UNIFIL's reaction to the report was:

Lebanon is Hezbullah and Hezbullah is Lebanon. The Lebanese Armed Forces are dominated by Shia Muslims who are more loyal to Hezbullah than they are to the elected Lebanese government (note at the top of this post that 'Lebanese defense officials believe that there is a secret pact' - they're not part of it).

The next war with Hezbullah is likely not far off (Hezbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah predicted over the weekend that it will come by the summer of 2010). This time, maybe the political leadership will let the IDF finish Hezbullah off.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger chanan dov said...

obama, while talking about peace and negotiations, is surreptitiously arming the enemies of israel.

egypt will get new advanced attack helicopters.

half a billion for jordan to modernize its army.

the training of 5000 palestinian police armed with the ak-47, who state quite plainly, that in two years they will be prepared to attack israel.

syria just got permission to buy american it technology and aircraft parts.

a billion in arms for the lebanese army when it is controlled by hizbollah.

approval of turkish plan to coordinate the armies of turkey, syria and lebanon.

what happened to obama's emphasis on negotiations, disarmament, etc.

muslims refer to obama as Mr. Hussain. The destruction of Israel
by armaments he has provided and the pressure to make israel's borders less secure, will make mr. hussain the most admired muslim in the world and since muhammad.

i see it. you see it. israel sees it. why doesn't america see it.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

in the next battle with Hizbollah and Lebanon we must hit them with LOST, Napalm and Anthrax.

At 7:11 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army are one and the same. Why are people still surprised there is no difference between them? Really, all assets in Lebanon are Hezbollah assets.


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