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Monday, June 08, 2009

Michael Ledeen on self-reliance

Three's a lesson in here for us (Israelis) too.
Second, I cannot help thinking that the Lebanese learned something from Obama's Cairo speech (and Bush's second term), namely that they cannot rely on the United States to confront terrorists like Hezbollah. They, and others all over the area, are going to have to do a lot of their own fighting, and take their own chances, even though they know they cannot count on American support.

And maybe one can say the same thing about the Europeans. Surely the advance of Geert Wilders's party in the Netherlands, and the widespread rejection of the Left all over the continent in the European elections must have at least something to do with the recognition that Obama doesn't cater to Europe (I haven't run the numbers, but he's offended an impressive number of European countries by now).
Actually, I think Israel's election of a Right-wing government is part of the same trend. And we didn't even need Obama's speech to do it.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Paul W said...

Doesn't the Torah remind us not to rely on Man, but only on G-d Himself? Didn't ancient Israel rely on Egypt as a powerful ally, which then turned tail and left Israel vulnerable to Assyria?

Yes, there ARE lessons to be learned. First, self-reliance and faith in your cause. Do what you think is right, and to Hell with everyone else - Israel is going to be hated no matter what...so it might as well get something worthwhile for that hatred. Second, cut off the head and the body will whither - this can and should be applied to all terrorist groups, constantly. Third, give the right incentives - show how opposing Israel results in very bad things happening, but that cooperating brings health, wealth and peace. Yes, I know, all of these have been tried (and are, to an extent, still ongoing). I simply propose that Israel re-double its efforts in all of these areas. By doing so it will not only do a lot of direct good for itself, but also encourage others with a similar mindset, others who can and will be allies because they are threatened by the same enemies.

At 8:56 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

An Israel that stands on its own feet is not only a salutary development, its of great benefit to the rest of the world. Doing the right thing, no matter what any one else says, is its own reward.

At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G-d helps but it helps to have an IDF he can help.

The single greatest threat and danger to Israel is this unreliable President and administration. He cannot be trusted. If Israel strikes Iran, do you think he will rearm Israel? Bit of a problem isn't it? Unlike her husband, Mrs. Clinton is a Suha Arafat kisser of the first order. Obama is a leftist and so is Hillary.

Leftist are deadly to Jews, they worship socialism and Judaism. We were politically incorrect in 1939 and in 2009 we have been restored to leper status when Iran is closing in on the bomb.

Israel is damned if they do strike Iran and damned if they don't. Our real friends are the American people an congress who know Iran is an enemy and don't want them getting the bomb.


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