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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Syrian government daily: Swine flu a product of American laboratory?

The Syrian government daily Tishreen reported on Monday that swine flu may be a product of an American laboratory that specializes in developing viruses. MEMRI translates:
"That crisis - known as the 'swine conspiracy,' may be - according to one of the theories that accompany the spread of the disease - the product of one of the American laboratories specializing in developing viruses. According to this same theory, its goal, that is, the goal of the 'swine conspiracy,' is to preoccupy the peoples with this disease at this time, as part of a plan to push the economic crisis to the global level in the minds of members of the media.

"This is, in fact, what has happened, in recent days, within the framework of the question of how capable governments are to bear this situation of horror, as well as the economic losses and medical expenditures [involved]. And this is a simple example, which can indicate what international politics might face in the near future, and the world will quickly discover that the hopes pinned on [U.S. President] Barack Obama's taking power will evaporate within not too long a time, and that his attaining power is not sufficient [to bring] the hoped-for change, and to turn the page on the ideological and religious conflicts and clashes that exploded in the shadow of the two terms of George Bush."
I guess that hope and change and engagement have really toned the Syrians down, haven't they?

By the way, the cartoon at the top of this post does not come from Syria. It comes from Tuesday's al-Doustour, a Jordanian daily newspaper, and is entitled "swine flu comes to Israel."

I guess 'peace treaties' don't do a whole lot more than 'engagement' to change attitudes, do they?


At 3:52 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I'm surprised they haven't blamed the Zionists yet for killing Arabs with flu.

Oh never mind!

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Jeremiah Wright's lips to OddMachuggahJob's ears.


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