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Thursday, April 16, 2009

You knew this was coming: 2 Hezbullah terrorists really Fatah, planned to attack Tel Aviv

You just knew something like this was going to happen. Two of the 49 Hezbullah terrorists under arrest in Egypt are really terrorists from the 'moderate' Fatah organization who planned to become suicide bombers in Tel Aviv.
Members of the Hizbullah terror cell arrested by Egyptian authorities intended to carry out suicide bomb attacks in Tel Aviv, Egyptian daily Al-Masri Al-Youm reported on Thursday.

According to the report, Egyptian officials made the discovery while interrogating two of the 49 men arrested on suspicion of belonging to a terror cell led by senior Hizbullah operative Sami Shihab.

The two, Mohamed Ramadan Abdel Fattah Baraka and Nadal Fathy Hassan, were also found to be Fatah members, the paper claimed, citing "informed sources" as saying that they were arrested a few weeks ago after entering Sinai from the Gaza Strip through a tunnel.

The sources reportedly added that the prosecution began questioning the Fatah detainees on Tuesday.

The Jerusalem Post could not independently confirm the report.

Head of the defense in the case, Montasser el-Zayat, told the paper that Baraka and Hassan lived in El-Arish, Sinai with a man called Abou Omar, who was trying to smuggle a group of Africans to Israel.

During the investigation, the men reportedly admitted they planned to travel to Sudan and then to Syria and Lebanon in order to undergo training for suicide attacks, which they intended to carry out in Tel Aviv.

According to the report, Baraka and Hassan told their interrogators that they joined the Hizbullah terror cell after meeting Sami Shihab in early 2008, after crossing into Egypt from the Gaza Strip.

They then affirmed that they had returned to Gaza before being smuggled to Sinai by some Fatah members to join Hizbullah's Egyptian terror cell.
But just give them a state reichlet and they won't want to be suicide bombers anymore. Right?

By the way, the picture at the top is the Azrieli office towers, one of Tel Aviv's most prominent office complexes.


At 5:42 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

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At 6:41 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Just give the Palestinians a reichlet and they will give up jihad for sure. Yeah that's the same expectation as they'll recognize Israel as a Jewish State at all and we've already heard their answer.



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