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Monday, April 06, 2009

Messiah's times?

The Messiah must be coming soon, because although I disagree with the idea of talking to Hamas, this column by Shlomo Avineri (who does believe in talking to them) is spot-on about what should be discussed if anyone is going to talk to them.
I believe we must talk to Hamas about other things too, like about what is written in their founding covenant. Most Israelis, as well as the Europeans and Americans, know that Hamas espouses the destruction of Israel. What most of them do not know is that Hamas' founding document includes a much more comprehensive attitude, not merely to Israel and Zionism, but to the Jews.

The prologue to the covenant states that Hamas' aim is a war - not against Israel or Zionism but against the Jewish people at large, since the Jews, and not merely Israel and Zionism, are the enemies of Islam.

And in order to remove any doubt, the entire chapter 22 is devoted to detailing the iniquities of the Jews.

According to Hamas, the Jews are responsible for all the ills of modern society - the French Revolution; the Communist revolution; the establishment of secret associations (Freemasons, Rotary and Lions clubs, B'nai B'rith) designed to help them gain control of the world by secret means. They control the economy, press and television; they are responsible for the outbreak of World War I, which they initiated in order to destroy the Muslim caliphates (the Ottoman empire), to get the Balfour Declaration and set up the League of Nations with the aim of establishing their state. They also initiated World War II in order to make a fortune from selling war materials; they use both capitalism and communism as their agents.

Sound familiar? Yes, some of it is taken directly from "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," and some, particularly the parts dealing with the world wars, is original.

Don't tell me that these are merely words and Hamas must not be judged only on the basis of its covenant. Would anyone dare say that if a similar movement were to arise in Europe or America and, in addition to statements like these, was busy killing Jews?

Compared with what is written in the Hamas covenant, Austria's Joerg Haider and Jean-Marie Le Pen in France are moderates.

It is clear that if a movement like this were to come out of Europe, no one would even imagine proposing that negotiations be held with it, or that it be asked to join a government. It would not merely be declared illegal but denounced by humankind. An abomination like that has no place in any political discourse.
Read it all. It almost seems strange to say this, but someone has to remind America's first black President what "racism" means.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The entire notion makes my skin crawl and I retch in revulsion. Where is it written Israel has to sit down and talk to anti-Semites? Its akin to asking a black American to sit down and talk to a racist. But American racists had no problem with blacks as long as they knew their place. Hamas genocidal anti-Semites want every Jew on the planet dead. So there is a major difference. And I marvel quite frankly that those who want to wipe out the Jewish people enmasse are regarded as moderate and the good guys and Israel is viewed as an extremist warmonger and the bad guys. How did it end up in the world's view the people who desire peace and love life are hated more than the folks who exalt jihad and love death?

Its frightening.

At 4:32 PM, Blogger christine said...

maybe someone should remind him his president......he still campaining..,,,,,,,,,,


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