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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How weak is Obama? The French are tougher!

For those of you who have never seen it before, that's a French army knife in the picture on the left. The French are not exactly known for their toughness. But even the French are tougher than President Obama on Iran.
France said Wednesday that Iran must suspend "sensitive" nuclear activities during any negotiations with the international community on its controversial atomic program.

Paris appeared to be taking a tougher line than the US, which neither confirmed nor categorically denied a New York Times report that it would not demand that Iran halt uranium enrichment as a condition for talks.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal stood by the 2007 offer made to Teheran by the P5+1 group - the UK, China, France, Germany, Russia and the US.

According to that proposal, Teheran would halt all nuclear activity beyond its civilian site in Bushehr, including all uranium enrichment, while the group would avoid seeking new UN economic sanctions.

Nadal said that substantial negotiations with Iran on the future of its nuclear program could only begin during this period, according to AFP.

He said that while France was open to a "dialogue" with Iran at any time to improve relations, official talks on the nuclear program could only go ahead according to the 2007 offer.
You know that the Obama administration is weak when even the notoriously fluffy French are taking a stronger position. Eich naflu giborim - how the mighty have fallen! Nearly four more years of this? The world will have to find new leadership.


At 6:36 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

France's status has been raised in my eyes. It says a lot when America is no longer showing leadership in the world. In dealings with Iran, there should be restraint but its apparently not enough for Obama. What were Americans thinking in electing him President?

Hopenychangey only goes so far in world affairs!


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