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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shimon Peres - Shimon Peres!?! - undermines Obama?

"MJ" Rosenberg accuses Shimon Peres (SHIMON PERES!?!) of 'undermining' President Obama's attempted 'outreach' to Iran on Friday morning (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).
Peres, who is an uberhawk on Iran, suddenly sends "greetings" to the Iranian people urging them to rise up against their government at the same moment that Obama respectfully addressed the "Islamic Republic of Iran" with the most conciliatory US message in decades. Coincidence? Maybe.

Of course, the Iranians would not view it that way. They would see America and Israel playing "good cop, bad cop," diminishing the effect of Obama's remarkable overture.

I hear that the White House is furious.

Today's Times reports that when asked about the Israeli move, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, "I know we notified our allies about our message last evening," saying he did not know if the Israelis had been notified.

Of course, they were. No other ally is as concerned about Iran as Israel so Jerusalem must have been at the top of the list of those notified.

Did it respond with a hasty and insulting message in order to kill the effect of President Obama's? If so, it was a serious breach. If the shoe was on the other foot, Jerusalem would go ballistic.
Shimon 'New Middle East' Peres is an 'uberhawk' on Iran? Just who does Rosenberg think ordered the now non-politician Peres to send such a message? Ehud Olmert, who will be out of office in two weeks? Binyamin Netanyahu who has no influence on Peres whatsoever?

Why does Rosenberg assume that this administration - which seems to hate Israel with a passion - would have given anyone in Israel any indication that Obama was going to pull this stunt? And even if it did know, why should Israel be forbidden from running its own foreign policy - even to counteract the foreign policy of an 'ally' that is acting against our interests? Are we not an independent state? Are we required to bow before the god known as Barack Hussein Obama? Are we his vassal?

As to Obama's stunt, I think David Warren did as good a job as anyone I have seen to sum it up in a paragraph:
The video to Iran is the latest catastrophe. Mr. Obama simply does not understand how his "olive branch" will be received, not only by the mullahs in Iran itself, but wherever else on the surface of the planet the United States has enemies. It "reads" -- to people who do not share anything like America's aspirations -- as an unambiguous confession of weakness. He has moved the American position towards Iran from offensive to defensive, for no defensible reason.
If Shimon Peres did what Rosenberg accuses him of doing, he did a mitzva (a good deed).


At 3:21 AM, Blogger 1Trader said...

Amazing... Just shows how twisted things have become with Obama as TOTUS.

At 4:38 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The next stupidest man on the planet after Obama actually has a lick of common sense on Iran! Would that Shimon Peres had it about the Palestinians in the first place, Israel would never have had to suffer the consequences of his perverted New Middle East fantasy, through which the country is still living today!

At 7:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MJ Rosenberg undermines humanity. He has been doing so for years.

At 8:07 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Nowruz is the Persian New Year, a pre-Islamic celebration tied to the Zoroastrian past of Iran. The country's Islamist rulers have tried to stamp out all Iranian awareness of the country's non-Islamic past, with little success. The Persians in particular have no great love for the Arabs and the "gift" they brought them which destroyed Iran.

The Jews and Iran have not always been enemies. Cyrus, the Persian monarch, is called in Hebrew, Moshiach, the only non-Jew to be accorded the honor, because he liberated the Jews from Babylonian oppression and allowed the Jews to return to Eretz Israel. And his son Darius allowed the Temple to be rebuilt.

If Israel can thwart Iran's nuclear plans and the Islamist regime one day passes from history, Iran and Israel may become friends again. In our time, Iran is Israel's enemy and its vow to wipe Israel off the map must never be fulfilled!


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