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Monday, March 30, 2009

Gazans have a feevah and the only prescription is... money?

The title matches what the write-up on YouTube says, but this video from al-Jazeera is mostly about - you guessed it - Israel. You see all the money in the world isn't going to help if Israel isn't going to open the crossing points into Gaza so they can buy something with it. And Israel isn't going to open the crossing points unless and until Hamas releases its hostage - Gilad Shalit. Will this be enough to get the Gazans to take to the streets to demand Shalit's release - even at the price of not getting all those terrorists back? Not likely. You see, Gazans know well that unlike Israel, Hamas will kill them. And besides - it's much easier to whine to al-Jazeera and keep Hamas happy.

Let's go to the videotape. The al-Jazeera write-up on YouTube will follow.

And here's what the summary of the video said:
Israel's war on Gaza has left 100,000 homeless, they have nowhere to go.

Arab states have pledged millions of dollars to reconstruct Gaza, but the money hasnt come through.

The people of Gaza have had enough of empty promises, they remain deeply skeptical as to whether the Arab Summit will offer them anything other than rhetorical support.

From Gaza, Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros reports on what residents want from this summit.
I would also be deeply skeptical of the Arab summit offering any more than rhetorical support. In fact, I doubt that it will offer even that much. The Arab countries are very happy to have this spectacle of the 'poor refugees' in Gaza. It serves their purposes quite nicely.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Its not money, its values. There's a shortage of in the Arab World and rich Arab countries are in the same boat as the poor ones. It is not something any one can give to them, especially the infidel Jews. If any one thinks money will restore Gaza, they're going to be waiting until Godot for it to happen.


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