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Saturday, March 21, 2009

About the French supermarket video: They weren't all 'Palestinians'

Shavua tov - a good week to everyone.

This past week, I posted a video of proponents of a boycott of Israel rampaging through a French supermarket two Saturdays ago removing Israeli products from the shelves. It's been picked up by some of the bigger blogs (Atlas Shrugs and Roger Simon - thanks guys - among others). If any of you missed it, you can find it (along with an English translation in the comments) here.

Over the Sabbath, reader NOMAD left me an enlightening comment on which I'd like to follow up.
I show this video to my hubby, and he told me that the guy who speaks is'nt arab, but looks like a Sefarade Jew, I replied him, impossible ! (he was bred in Marseille, and he was melted with all the mediterranean ethnies there)) he made a google research with "boycott Israel Carrefour", there are documents on blogs and on a palestinian paper, but not on national papers, and you wouldn't believe it, there were anti-sionist Jews among the manifestants
She mentioned a number of 'associations': EuroPalestine, Droits Devant, Femmes en Noir, Réseau International des Juifs Antisionistes....

If the name Femmes en Noir doesn't sound familiar, perhaps its English translation (yes, I still remember a little high school French) will: Women in Black. For those who have forgotten, one of the members of Women in Black is none other than Aliza Olmert - wife of our current Prime Minister (that's her with Abu Mazen at the top of this post). Once her husband is no longer Prime Minister, look for her to morph into Avram Burg or worse.

As to the Réseau International des Juifs Antisionistes, you can find their web site here and there's an English version here. This is apparently a worldwide organization.
The charter actually blames Israel for the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries: Zionism-the founding and current ideology that manifested in the State of Israel-took root in the era of European colonialism and was spread in the aftermath of the Nazi genocide. Zionism has been nourished by the most violent and oppressive histories of the nineteenth Century, at the expense of the many strains of Jewish commitment to liberation. To reclaim them, and a place in the vibrant popular movements of our time, Zionism, in all its forms, must be stopped.

This is crucial, first and foremost, because of Zionism's impact on the people of Palestine and the broader region. It also dishonors the persecution and genocide of European Jews by using their memory to justify and perpetuate European racism and colonialism. It is responsible for the extensive displacement and alienation of Mizrahi Jews (Jews of African and Asian descent) from their diverse histories, languages, traditions and cultures. Mizrahi Jews have a history in this region of over 2,000 years. As Zionism took root, these Jewish histories were forced from their own course in service of the segregation of Jews imposed by the State of Israel.
It gets worse from there.

Yes, of course there's a chapter in Israel.... But the only name I found on the entire site was one Rahela Mizrahi - Israeli of course - who sent a long diatribe to UNESCO this past week urging it to expel Israel. There are no people in the world like self-hating Jews, are there? If you need to boil your blood, go over there, otherwise skip it.

NOMAD also cleared up a couple of mysteries for me.
also, why the directon and or the police didn't interven, again my hubby gave me the response, probably that the manager was Jew, like many in such hypermarckets, and also may-be a sympathetisan to the manifestation too, ie my previous post, cause the store is located in St Denis, one of the hottest surburbs

for the police, there is a law that forbids the police to enter into private properties, but private guards could have made it, they didn't because of St Denis place, and may-be the manager is a sympathetisan
The police cannot enter private properties? Unbelievable.

Ironically, Roger Simon titled his post on this subject, "Ever wonder how the Holocaust happened?" We all know that there were Jews in the concentration camps who acted as capos, but I am not aware of Jews who actually acted to bring about the Holocaust. We've reached a new low.


At 4:52 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

There are sick, self-hating Jews. Why any one, least of all, leftist Jews, should be ashamed of Israel is beyond me. Every true Marxist knows no Arab country is as progressive as Israel in outlook and as advanced in culture and technology. But hatred of the Jews has never been rational. I think Claude Lanzmann was once asked about how the Germans and the Poles could do such things to the Jews, he said there is no explanation for it. And never will be one. Its useless to understand the oldest hatred in the world.


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