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Sunday, February 01, 2009

'Palestinians' get SMS's to evacuate their homes

Israel's Channel 10 cable news reports that 'Palestinians' in Rafah and Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip have received cell phone text messages from the IDF urging them to leave their homes.

The assumption is that the IDF plans to attack Hamas installations tonight in response to today's rocket and mortar fire.


Haaretz says they were voice messages.
Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on Sunday reported receiving recorded phone messages warning those who live near weapons tunnels or storage facilities to evacuate their homes at once.

"Everybody who is near any place used for terror or weapon storage facility or tunnels, should evacuate the area immediately," the voice message warned, according to witnesses. Similar warnings have preceded Israeli attacks, but not in all cases.
Time to rock and roll.



The 'Palestinians' are reporting that the IAF struck a target in central Gaza. No casualties reported.


YNet reports that Hamas offices in the Gaza Strip have also been cleared. Arutz Sheva adds that the evacuation was not formally announced so as not to alert the population to the danger.

Nice of Hamas, huh?


JPost is reporting that the IAF has struck targets in Rafah and Khan Yunis (see map above). No word yet on what the targets were or whether there were any casualties.


Israel Radio reports based on 'Palestinian' sources that Israel hit a police station in the central Gaza Strip. Hamas says it does not fear another fight with Israel.


YNet has more details on at least one target.
Witnesses said a missile struck after dark in a cluster of caravans that served as a Hamas security headquarters in Mughraqa, a village at the center of the coastal enclave.

They said the site had been evacuated, apparently after Israel telephoned warnings to Palestinians in Gaza to leave any buildings where weapons were located.
Israel Radio adds that the IAF is also attacking along the Philadelphi corridor (the Gaza - Egypt border - see the map above).

Welcome to the Instalanche!


Israel Radio reports that the IDF has confirmed that in the last hour and a half it has attacked six tunnels in the Rafah area and a Hamas installation in the northern Gaza Strip. Yes, I know, that doesn't quite match up with what was reported earlier, but there may be more and take it for what it's worth - it's the official word.


Israel Radio reports that Hamas says that no one was hurt in tonight's strike and that the installation that was attacked was empty thanks to Israeli warnings.

Tzipi Livni is threatening that if Hamas hasn't had enough, Israel will attack again.

In Cairo tonight, Abu Mazen calls those who declared victory for Hamas in Gaza 'criminals.'

In Tehran, Khaled Meshaal hails Hamas' 'great victory,' and Ayatollah Khameni warns that the war is not over and that Hamas should be ready for more fighting with Israel.


At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will Israel learn not to warn its enemies before attacking? I don't understand why they want the leaders of hamas to be able to evacuate the area.


At 1:19 AM, Blogger showbiz111 said...

This message works in a couple of ways, first it deprives pfakistinians of excuses of being present when the bombs fall. You stay you are a terrorist, terrorist supporter or atypical risk taker/martyrdom seeker. Second, if drones are present by the IDF, which can spot unusual movements in those cities after the messages, the Israelis may be able to further refine where to target tunnels based upon movements from those locations. Third Hamass must be concerned because they haven't gotten rid of the informants giving Israel real time capabilities to obliterate these terror networks. Fourth, Hamass is not getting any pass on any terror activities or rocket attacks into Israel as they have gotten for the past three years or so. Mazel Tov IDF, much success tonight.

At 5:01 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Free, I agree. Only Jews are so stupid as show their enemy mercy instead of sending him to the fate he deserves!

At 5:55 AM, Blogger Isaac Rizard said...

Frankly speaking, I would say that Israel should nuke the Palestinian territories and wipe out all the Arabs within that area and eliminate all Arabs within the State of Israel. Since they are the sole nuclear power country in the region, although nothing formal is announced, Israel could deploy its nuclear arsenal against Iran first since Iran is the greatest threat to its existence.

Once Israel have shown that example by dropping the atomic bomb on Iran, other countries in the region will definitely remain silent. Israel can also threaten to drop the nukes on every Arab country in the region. They don't have to worry because they are the Chosen People, decreed by God and also they have the protection of the United States. I am sure God and the United States will not forsaken Israel because it will be destructive for God and the United States to abandon the Israelis.

The Israelis and Arabs are so problematic people. I think, let these two warring brothers sink into their conflict because nothing will be useful for them. I'm getting tired of listening to their conflict ever since I was born. It is nothing to do with the religion at all, just two brotherly tribes quarreling over land issue and the political ambition of the Zionist regime.

To the Israelis and Arabs, my message is: Go ahead with your war because I won't give a damn to this kind of stupid war that already run for 60 years.

Isaac Rizard, Malaysia

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stupid of Israel to announce; all it means is that Hamas has time to clear away weaponry and sensitive material. If they want war, give them war. Kill 'em all and let God sort them out. The world won't condemn any more or any less than it already has. So, why mince?

At 7:21 AM, Blogger Wabano said...

ThePalesto-simians have little choice,
they arlready doing their worst.

When you cannot escalate, anything you say is just empty rhetoric.

That Isaac cretin will soon end up
like all the muslim dhimmis, hunted like an animal or a Copt...

We, civilised people care very much
about how the Jews get rid of
Islamic sewer rat's menace,
because very soon, that scum will
try to take over EVERYWHERE!!!




At 8:06 AM, Blogger studyabroad4free said...

It is so shameful for the world to sit and watch America and Ireal practice such hypocrisy.For goodness sake,there was nothing like the state of Isreal in the world map before the 2nd world war.I am not against their existence,but why have they not been able to define their boarders and the exact size of Isreal since the past 60yrs.Both Isreal and the Palestinians have acenstral claims to the land,so the West,should ensure peace in that region,by creating a legal palestinian state as well as an Ireali state,where both can live together in mutual peace.Yunus.J.Ellams

At 8:32 AM, Blogger ripplevac said...

It is unfortunate that this conflict continues. Neither side will have a future by remaining independent of the world at large, hanging on to their own versions of "divine providence".

Both sides are subject to future bio-warfare because there is too little natural diversity created by ethnic inter-marriage.

In future warfare there will be designer pathogens that will target specific DNA sequences of ethnic groups that do not diversify their gene pool. There will be no military defense for it.

Every destructive technology that humans could conceive, based upon scientific principles, eventually becomes reality. Spears, armor, cannons, chemicals, tanks, planes, night vision, satellite surveilence, lasers, GPS cruise missles, etc. Governments have tried to stop cloning and could not. Pandora's Box is open; the clock is ticking.

Perhaps the time for promoting peace and dignity for all groups is now, before it's simply too late. This current "war" is only chair shifting on a new Titanic.

It reminds me of a vision of WWI Cavalry's battling just before the first tank ever seen comes over the hill.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Tom Gara said...

wow, classy little comment section you've got here. who would have thought that putting scare quotes around the name of a nation of people might incite others to talk about them as less than human?

seriously, shouldn't Jews be a bit more aware than average of the negative consequences of dehumanising an entire people?

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Lizajoy said...

Yeah, where should they evacuate to...maybe a UN school or a hospital? That'll save on Israeli weapons 'cause a whole bunch of those subhuman A-rabs (and their terrorist spawn) can be targeted with just one or two bombs.

Israel to the ICC, and her leaders to PRISON!


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