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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Human rights activist and former slave blasts Tutu's anti-Semitism

Note that for once I did not put scare quotes around the terms "human rights" or "human rights activist." That's because for once, this story is about someone who is worthy of being called a human rights activist. His name is Simon Deng and Midwest Jim has a lot more about him here. And Mr. Deng has ripped Jimmy Carter's good friend Desmond Tutu some new body parts.
The State of Israel is not an apartheid state. I know because I write this from Jerusalem where I have seen Arab mothers peacefully strolling with their families -- even though I also drove on Israeli roads protected by walls and fences from Arab bullets and stones. I know Arabs go to Israeli schools, and get the best medical care in the world. I know they vote and have elected representatives to the Israeli Parliament. I see street signs in Arabic, an official language here.

None of this was true for blacks under Apartheid in Tutu's South Africa. I also know countries that do deserve the apartheid label: My country, Sudan, is on the top of the list, but so are Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. What has happened to my people in Sudan is a thousand times worse than Apartheid in South Africa. And no matter how the Palestinians suffer, they suffer nothing compared to my people. Nothing. And most of the suffering is the fault of their leaders.

Bishop Tutu, I see black Jews walking down the street here in Jerusalem. Black like us, free and proud.

Tutu said Israeli checkpoints are a nightmare. But checkpoints are there because Palestinians are sent into Israel to blow up and kill innocent women and children.

Tutu wants checkpoints removed. Do you not have doors in your home, Bishop? Does that make your house an apartheid house? If someone, Heaven forbid, tried to enter with a bomb, we would want you to have security people 'humiliating' your guests with searches, and we would not call you racist for doing so. We all go through checkpoints at every airport. Are the airlines being racist? No.

Yes, the Palestinians are inconvenienced at checkpoints. But why, Bishop Tutu, do you care more about that inconvenience than about Jewish lives?
I wonder why so many leftists in the West cannot (or will not) understand this either and why American Blacks are almost universally on the 'Palestinian' side.

Read the whole thing.


At 5:55 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

It has to do with political correctness. Israel is perceived as a white country and Arabs are perceived as dark skinned natives. Of course that isn't the truth but stereotypes die hard and along with anti-Semitism, its prevented Israel from getting a fair hearing. Israel has scarcely done a fraction to the Arabs of what Arabs do to each other and the difference is Arab on Arab violence never makes the headlines.


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