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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Make that 5000 centrifuges

Speaking at an exhibition of his country's 'nuclear achievements' at Tehran University on Wednesday, Iranian nuclear chief Gholam Reza Aghazadeh announced that Iran has more than 5000 centrifuges up and running at its Natanz nuclear plant, a significant increase from 4000 last summer.
At the exhibition, Iran for the first time put on public display one of its P-1 centrifuges and officials at the exhibition explained various parts of machine to visitors.

The P-1 centrifuge is the workhorse of Iran's enrichment program. It's run in cascades of 164 machines.

In February, Iranian officials confirmed that they have started using the IR-2 centrifuge, which can churn out enriched uranium at more than double the rate of P-1.

Iran has said it plans to move toward large-scale uranium enrichment that will ultimately involve 54,000 centrifuges.
All for 'peaceful purposes' of course. We can't pre-judge the 'Iranian brothers' until they actually deploy a nuclear weapon. Eh Mohamed?

Hope and change anyone?


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