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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Suing the moonbats

When we last left him, Uzi Dayan was furious with the self-styled 'Jewish Council on Education and Research' for using a 5-second clip of him in a video they produced supporting Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. Buried in a profile in Friday's JPost is word that Dayan is suing the moonbats.
WHILE DAYAN can no longer ascribe to himself the mantle of objectivity in local politics, he insists on it when it comes to politics in the United States. That's one of the reasons he was so infuriated when an organization called the Jewish Council on Education and Research included a five-second clip from him along with what appeared to be testimonials from other former Israeli security officials in an on-line video advertisement for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Dayan says he thought he was being interviewed for a documentary on the challenges facing the next president of the United States. He insists he made a point of not mentioning either presidential candidate in the 20-minute interview, because he believes it is wrong for Israelis to interfere in the politics of a foreign country.

"This is pure and simple deceit," Dayan says. "I never expressed support for Obama, his approach or his opinions. I've also never expressed support for [Republican candidate John] McCain. I think that these are respectable people, but we should not interfere in the American elections."

Dayan received a letter of apology on Sunday from the organization saying that he had been removed from the on-line video, but he says he will not drop his lawsuit against it unless it takes out ads apologizing to him in the Hebrew press.

The main message Dayan tried to deliver in what he thought was an interview about what was confronting the next president was that whoever wins the election could have to make a fateful decision about how to handle the Iranian threat.
I'd rather he insist they take out ads apologizing in every Jewish newspaper in the United States. That would have much more of an impact.

By the way, most of the profile of Dayan in the Friday paper is about his new association with the Likud. I haven't decided yet whether his 'conversion' is real, but read the whole thing and decide for yourselves.


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