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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Israel mulling 'non-aggression' pact with Lebanon?

Haaretz is reporting that Israel is mulling a 'non-aggression' pact with Lebanon.
The Foreign Ministry is examining an initiative aimed at reaching a long-term non-belligerence pact with Lebanon to prevent renewed fighting along the northern border.

The initiative was first revealed two weeks ago during a strategic discussion over the future of the Middle East peace process that was held as part of the ministry's evaluation of regional developments.


The agreement would be signed by both governments, and its focus would be a reciprocal agreement on the route of the border between the two countries. The deal would include a solution to the dispute over the Shaba Farms border area and the divided village of Ghajar, as well as a number of small border adjustments demanded by Lebanon.

The recommendation would provide for a coordination apparatus between the Israel Defense Forces and the Lebanese army, as well as the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) over border patrols and other monitoring activities.

Israel is expected to ask Lebanon to significantly reduce Hezbollah's weapons stores, and to extend the Lebanese army's authority across the entire country, with a special emphasis on the area south of the Litani River, which is the closest area to Israel. In return, an agreement would have to be reached over Israeli overflights in Lebanese airspace.
Note what's missing here: Whose 'initiative' is it? The short answer is that this is a foreign ministry pipe dream that the 'Lebanese government' - currently dominated by Hezbullah and watched over by Syria - is unlikely to accept and even less likely to implement. Peace with Lebanon is unfortunately not at hand at any price. 'Solution' to Shaba Farms? You've got to be kidding.


At 1:06 AM, Blogger Kae Gregory said...

By the time the Israeli politicians get this whole peace thing worked out, Neville Chamberlain is going to rank among the greatest deal makers in history.

At 5:20 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

I think its Tzipi Livni's brainchild. If this was her idea, she's a complete idiot who makes the discredited Ehud Olmert look competent.


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