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Thursday, June 05, 2008

George Galloway prays for Barack Hussein Obama

In this interview that was broadcast on Hamas' al-Aqsa television (I suspect on June 2 and not on May 2 as it says), British MP George Galloway says that he prays for Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. He also says - correctly but not in the way he is thinking - that the Arab rulers could solve the 'Palestinian' problem in six days. He's right about that, but he has in mind that they could solve it by attacking Israel (the length of the 1967 war was six days). The Arab rulers could solve the 'Palestinian' problem by giving them a place to live, but they would rather have the festering sore that the 'Palestinians' are to detract their own subjects from their own corruption. Galloway also says that the Arab puppet Presidents and corrupt Kings will discover that the ground has moved under their feet in November.

Let's go to the videotape. A transcript follows and then I will have one final comment.

George Galloway: I hope that the new presidency in the United States... I pray for the safety of Barack Obama, and I pray that he can shift the United States attitude to this question. But as you know, Palestine cannot free itself. It is a small country against a huge superpower. The real problem is not in Palestine. It's not even in London or Washington. The real problem is in the Arab world. From Marrakesh to Bahrain – 300 million Arabs, oil at 136 dollars per barrel... If the Arabs wanted to solve this Palestine problem, they could do so in six days.


The Americans are not in a position to intervene anywhere in the Arab world, because they have been defeated by the muqawama [resistance] in Iraq. And so, sunk in this swamp in Iraq and in Afghanistan, the U.S. is no longer able to assist its puppets in the Middle East. So as we come towards the November elections, and the real prospect of a significant victory for Obama, everyone will have to re-find their footing, and these puppet presidents and corrupt kings may discover that the ground has moved under their feet, Allah willing.


I think there are important changes coming in Israel also. Olmert may be in prison by the weekend. He may be replaced by the foreign minister or by Barak. He may be replaced, God forbid, by Netanyahu. I don't believe the key lies in Tel Aviv. Israel is not an independent country. It must act under the orders of the United States, which provides every bullet and every dollar. So we have to change the policy of the United States, through our work in Europe, through a change in the attitude, or a change of the leaders of the Arab world, to show the United States that it must change its policy in the region. After all, if the United States can take everything she wants from the Arabs, and still follow a policy of cutting throats of the Arabs – why to change? If you can have whatever you want, and do whatever you want – well, why to change?
Anyone else think Obama may have just picked up another unwanted endorsement?


At 4:37 PM, Blogger Thud said...

Gorgeous George still maintains he is not a closet muslim...erm o.k. george.

At 7:06 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

George thinks the Arab World wants the Palestinian problem solved. If it was solved, then the Arabs would have to find a new enemy. Who says they won't find one?


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