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Sunday, June 22, 2008

France's continuing 'epidemic' of anti-Semitism

A French Jewish teenager was severely beaten on Saturday night in eastern Paris. 17-year old Rudy Haddad was identifiably Jewish - he was wearing a kippa (skullcap). Haddad was beaten with iron bars, which probably are not lying around in the streets of Paris (at least they were not when I was last there in the fall of 2005). That indicates that the attack was probably premeditated. And the identification of his attackers as 'African youths' makes it more likely than not that they were Muslims.

A police source says that Haddad is suffering from 'severe neurological problems' as a result of the beating. If anyone has his Hebrew name and his mother's Hebrew name, I will be glad to add them to this post. He is in a coma in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

The reason why France continues to have a 'problem' with anti-Semitism is that it continues to treat it with multi-culti kid gloves. For an example, one need look no further than French President Nicolas Sarkozy's 'condemnation' of the attack.
Sarkozy issued a statement "renewing total determination to fighting all forms of racism and anti-Semitism."
Excuse me, but what was anyone other than Haddad attacked? Was anyone other than a Jew attacked? Then why the multi-culti politically correct statement about "all forms of racism and anti-Semitism" (which reminds me of how Arab countries occasionally condemn terrorism against Israel by condemning "all forms of terrorism including state terrorism" - a meaningless statement if I ever heard one)?

Until the French leadership is willing to look the problem in the eye and identify it by its name in unadulterated form, the Rudy Haddad's of France will unfortunately continue to be terror victims.

Refuah Shleima (a full and speedy recovery) Rudy, and please consider coming on aliya (immigrating to Israel) with your family when you recover. You're 17-years old and ought to have your whole life ahead of you. There's no sense in staying in a country where you're not wanted when you don't have to stay there.


Here are some more details.
A 17-year-old Lubavitcher Hassid was walking near his home in a Jewish neighborhood in France on Friday night when he was brutally attacked by several youths with metal pipes. Passers-by alerted police, and he was brought to a hospital, where doctors are working to save his life.


Because of the Sabbath and its prohibitions on carrying items outside, the victim had no identification on him. He was identified only hours after the attack, when his family notified police that he was missing and the connection was made.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

In my opinion, Jews in France should make aliyah to Israel. As France becomes more Muslim, their situation will become more dire. Jew hatred among Muslim immigrants is far more seething - and deadly - than it among the native French. The writing is on the wall for French Jewry. Rudy Haddad was not first and will not be the last Jew to come under assault in France. His plight is the reason Israel exists today.


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