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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

American-trained 'Palestinian security guard' is training Hamas 'martyrs'

Fares al-Ashi, who once received training in handling explosives from the CIA as a member of Fatah's Force 17, is now training Hamas 'police forces' in becoming 'martyrs' as part of a 'training program.
A group of Hamas-controlled policemen appeared to be very interested while listening to a weapon expert who spent most of the time responding to their curious questions on explosives.

During the whole one-hour lesson, the officers, who were of various ages and many of whom bearded, kept on asking questions and the trainer, captain Fares al-Ashi who once received training in South Carolina of the United States, took the time answering.

"These information are important for the youths (the trainees)," al-Ashi said. "We give them general information about the explosives, those manufactured locally and the Israeli ones, because those people always reach the dangerous sites before we, the explosive squad, do."

The lesson was part of a new training program that the Hamas police launched last month, nearly one year after the Islamic movement seized control of the security establishment in the Gaza Strip.

Major Khalil Hejjo, chief of the training administration in the police, said the program was "a big achievement" made by the police which took a new shape after it became completely under Hamas' control.

"In the past, a brigadier general used to run this administration in addition to 250 officer trainers, but now, seven trainers and I oversee the whole programs," Hejjo explained.

The program is called "martyr Aziz Massoud course" for rehabilitating officers. "Every program should carry the name of a martyr," Hejjo said.

Massoud was killed in February in an Israeli airstrike on a car alongside four members of Hamas' armed wing, Ezz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades.

"He was one of the police trainers," Hejjo added.

The course is not limited to Hamas supporters and also involves200 officers "who represent all the political factions," according to Hejjo, who was a member of the police when it was under Fatah control and continued to work under Hamas.

The program, which lasts for four months besides a fifth month for exams, includes physical exercises as well as lectures on human rights, civil defense and explosives.
For those wondering how this is connected to the United States other than the vague reference to 'South Carolina,' Arutz Sheva explains.
A training manual distributed by American Secret Service officers, with the logo of the Counterterrorism Training Group and the U.S. government seal, was a teaching manual for Al-Ashi and other former Fatah terrorists who switched to Hamas.

The American strategy was based on bolstering Fatah forces and preventing them from becoming faithful to Hamas, which American officer Keith Dayton said at the time "is receiving money and arms from Iran and possibly Syria."

The new Hamas training program in Gaza includes members of other factions besides Hamas and lasts four months, plus one month of examinations.
I can't think of any better way of solidifying Hamas' control of the Gaza Strip. And Dayton did such a good job of it in Gaza that now he's doing it again in Judea and Samaria.


At 11:33 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Odds are good that in a protracted battle, Fatah would probably lose a West Bank confrontation to Hamas. They may have the guns and money but not the will to to defeat their enemy. All Keith Dayton is doing is laying the groundwork for the dispatch of the "good" terrorists from Fatah in a rerun of last summer's events in Gaza. By the time that happens his American political masters will long gone out of office.


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