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Friday, May 16, 2008

Suddenly, 9/11 was an operation for 'Palestine,' with appalling media bias

Al-Qaeda's Osama Bin Laden has released a new message in 'honor' of the 60th anniversary of the 'Palestinian naqba.' In it, he claims that the 9/11 attacks were motivated by the 'Palestinian cause.'
The 9:40-minute audio by bin Laden showed an old photo of his face over a brown graphic and included the title, "A Message to the Peoples of the West: From Sheik Osama bin Laden," with the subheading: “The Reasons for the Struggle on the 60th Anniversary of the Creation of the Occupation State of Israel.” [See top left. CiJ]

Bin Laden began his message by telling listeners that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has always been the primary cause for friction between the West and the Muslim world - a struggle which he said was getting more difficult due to European policies biased in Israel's favor.

"The Palestinian cause has been the main factor that, since my early childhood, fueled my desire, and that of the 19 freemen (Sept. 11 bombers), to stand by the oppressed, and punish the oppressive Jews and their allies," the al Qaeda chief said.

"We shall continue the fight, Allah willing, against the Israelis and their allies, in order to pursue justice for the oppressed, and we shall not give up one inch of Palestine, as long as there is still a single true Muslim alive."


In the audio released Friday, bin Laden said the celebrations proved "that 60 years ago, the state of Israel did not exist. It was forcefully created on Palestinian land under the fire of the weapons, and this is evidence that the Jews are invader occupiers who should be fought."


Bin Laden reserved much of his new audio address for an attack on the Western media, which he accused of misleading the public to show "the Israeli invaders as the victims."

"On the other hand, they portrayed the Palestinians, who are claiming back their lands, as merciless terrorists," he said. "The media has contributed to the shaping of a misled public opinion that made it possible to involve Western nations in an unjust war against us, as has been the case in Iraq.
Yet of the 26 messages (4 video, 22 audio) he has released since 9/11, this is only the second time Bin Laden has extensively discussed the 'Palestinian' cause, leading one to believe that it was not really the motivating factor behind the 9/11 attacks. In fact, Al-Qaeda's first action was defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan, followed by threats against the US, and then threats against the Saudi royal family in the early and mid-90's. I'm sure that was all caused by Israel's creation Bin Laden's reading Walt and Mearsheimer.

By the way, CBS News has this jaw-dropping piece of media bias thrown into the middle of the article:
Mr. Bush's embrace of Israel at a time when the Palestinians were mourning was bound to further harm the tainted U.S. image in the Palestinian areas and across the Arab world.
And how long have you been beating your wife?


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Culture for All said...

Option 1) It was the Mossad who are responsible for 9/11 and they used it engage in a Crusade in the Muslim lands and a war for oil.

Option 2) It was oppressed Muslims responding to American and Israeli 'imperialism'.

It was mass murdering Islamic terrorists who are fighting for the end of western civilisation and a new Islamic Caphilate.
- Steven

At 7:29 PM, Blogger floranem said...

Carl, have you seen the video "Farewell Israel" yet? Perhaps it will explain the context of this statement by Bin Laden. No, I don't believe in any of the 9/11 conspiracy theories floating around.
Seriously, I watched the video yesterday and it's broad scope covered basics of islamic history and presented the historic context of recent political events & blinded foreign policy filtered through that lens.

Imagine, if you will Ebineezer's ghosts guiding you through Jewish/Christian/Islamic history as revealed by Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihadwatch.org.
I will recommend this video as much as I recommend "Islam, What the West needs to know", "Fitna" and "Obsession".


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