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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hamas' Jihadi TV: Assud the bunny's grandfather claims Tel Aviv was 'Palestinian'

On Hamas' Jihadi Children's Television (al-Aqsa) on Friday, May 9, the grandfather of Assud the (Jew-eating) bunny insisted that Tel Aviv was a 'Palestinian' city. Here's a transcript:
Assud the Bunny: Grandpa, where did you live? In what city?

Grandpa: We used to live in the most beautiful place in Palestine.

Assud: Where?

Grandpa: My dear, you've never seen such a place. I used to live in Tel Al-Rabi' [the Arab word for "spring," which is "Aviv" in Hebrew]. What a beautiful place. My God, when I recall Tel Al-Rabi', which the Zionists have called...

Assud: There's no such place called Tel Al-Rabi'. What's the matter, Grandpa? Have you gone senile?

Grandpa: I'm not senile. My head is working just fine. How can you say I'm senile? This place was called Tel Al-Rabi', but the Zionists and Jews Hebraicized the name to "Tel Aviv." Where did this "Tel Aviv" come from? It has been Tel Al-Rabi' for generations, on the land of Palestine, right next to Yafa. How can you say I've gone senile? I know this. My head still works just fine. Are you trying to confuse me? I'm not senile yet. I have documents and proof. I have all the papers here. The documents are right here with me. How can you say I'm senile? I have all the documents with me. Here they are. Everything is here, from the days of the British and even before. This is our land, as well as the fields, the trees, and the houses. I can even show you the key. You're calling me senile? I have proof.

Assud: Forgive me, Grandpa, it's not our fault. It's the fault of the school curricula, which did not teach us that Tel Aviv is in fact Tel Al-Rabi', and vice versa.

Grandpa: No, my dear, take it from me. I know, and I have the papers and the land deeds. The name Tel Al-Rabi' has been forged by the Jews and Hebraicized to "Tel Aviv." They invented all these names. "Ashdod" is, in fact, Isdud. "Ashkelon" is, in fact, Al-Majdal. Where did they get these names? Al-Sab' is called "Beer Sheva"! It's all a lie. There are all pseudonyms. Yafa, Al-Lydd, Al-Ramla, Al-Sab' – they changed all these names and Hebraicized them, and now they say: That's Tel Al-Rabi'? There is no such thing. It's Tel Aviv. It's all a lie. All these names were Hebraicized by the Jews.
Let's go to the videotape and then we'll look at the history of Tel Aviv.

And here's a Wikipedia blurb about Tel Aviv's history:
Tel Aviv-Yafo (Hebrew: תֵּל־אָבִיב-יָפוֹ‎) (usually Tel Aviv) is the second-largest city in Israel, with a population of 390,400. Tel Aviv is situated on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, covering 51.8 square kilometres (20.0 sq mi). It is the largest and most populous city in Israel's largest metropolitan area known as Gush Dan, home to 3.15 million people as of 2007. The city is governed by the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, headed by Ron Huldai.

Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 on the outskirts of the ancient port city of Jaffa (Hebrew: יָפוֹ‎, Yafo). The growth of Tel Aviv soon outpaced Jaffa, which was largely Arab at the time. Tel Aviv and Jaffa were merged into a single municipality in 1950, two years after the establishment of the State of Israel. Tel Aviv's White City, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, comprises the world's largest concentration of Modernist-style buildings.

Tel Aviv is Israel's economic hub, home of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and many corporate offices and research and development centers. Its beaches, cafes, upscale shopping and secular lifestyle have made it a popular tourist destination. Tel Aviv is the country's cultural capital and a center of music, theater and the arts. In the 2007 Mercer cost of living survey, Tel Aviv was ranked as the most expensive city in the Middle East and the 17th most expensive in the world.


The name Tel Aviv (literally "Hill of Spring") was chosen in 1910 from many suggestions, among them "Herzliya". Tel Aviv is the Hebrew title of Theodor Herzl's book Altneuland ("Old New Land"), translated from German by Nahum Sokolow. Sokolow took the name from the Book of Ezekiel: "Then I came to them of the captivity at Tel Aviv, that lived by the river Chebar, and to where they lived; and I sat there overwhelmed among them seven days." This name was found fitting as it embraced the idea of the renaissance of the ancient Jewish homeland. Aviv is Hebrew for "spring", symbolizing renewal, and tel is an archaeological site that reveals layers of civilization built one over the other. Theories vary about the etymology of Jaffa or Yafo in Hebrew. Some believe that the name derives from yafah or yofi, Hebrew for "beautiful" or "beauty". Another tradition is that Japheth, son of Noah, founded the city and that it was named for him.
Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 as a Jewish city. The city next to it - Yafo - which has now been incorporated into Tel Aviv, was a mostly Arab city at the time, but has a rich Jewish history (see, for example, the Book of Jonah). In any event, Tel Aviv was not and has never been an Arab or 'Palestinian' city. But the 'Palestinian' jihadis are teaching their children that they will return to it anyway and murder any Jew who stands in their way. There never was a city called Tel Al-Rabi.

You'll find lots more about the city's history here. If any land in Tel Aviv was ever owned by Arabs (there were no 'Palestinians' in 1909), it was purchased from them by the Jews (most likely by the Jewish Agency) for full price. But don't expect the 'Palestinians' to tell their children that.

By the way, most of those other cities listed were never 'Palestinian' and never had an Arab population either.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Tel Aviv was consciously planned as the world's first all-Jewish city. It grew up in the shadow of Arab Jaffa but soon overtook its neighbor. The point is it was never inhabited by Arabs. The same could be said for a lot of towns and settlements founded in the Land Of Israel by Jews that never had a single Arab inhabitant. And yet the Hamas mythology would have people believe the land was stolen from the Arabs by the Zionists. The truth is a more revealing than the propaganda fairy tales force-fed to Arab children.

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a little critical review of a Jewish anti-Semitic UC Berkley professor's book, "Overthrowing Geography - Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and the Struggle for Palestine, 1880-1948".

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Jimmy the Dhimmi said...

I'm curious, what is the origin of the "Tel Al-Rabi" myth? Is there any information on where that name comes from or at what time this story began to be circulated?

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Unknown said...


I believe the video posted IS the origin of the myth. Hamas just now made up this lie, and put it into circulation. Don't worry, in a few years it will be regurgitated in academic papers.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger Ma Sands said...

Carl.....I am still trying to learn, as I have been ever since the question occurred to me, in real words :) (I'm pretty slow.....) in the summer of '06:

What is the real story of the Israel village of "Biram" that Elias Chacour writes of in his book published in 1984, "Blood Brothers"?


Ma Sands

At 3:38 AM, Blogger Don M said...

One contemporary source accessable to Americans is Mark Twain's book 'Innocents Abroad'. He is much amused by nearly everything. After the minister held forth on the beauty of Lake Gennazereth (aka Sea of Galilee) he notes 'its a nasty dirty mudhole. If you want a good looking lake, go to Tahoe.'

At 9:47 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

If you take the view Jews have no claim to the Land Of Israel, like Ahmedinejad, you'll begin to think its a fabricated and criminal regime without any real foundation. Israel's enemies have been convincing themselves of the ephemeral nature of the Jewish presence in Israel for a long time and they've always been rebuffed. If the Jews were in fact strangers to the country, Israel should have disappeared decades ago. But don't look for the truth to make an impression upon anti-Semites whose hatred of Jews blinds them from seeing the truth.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Moishe Oofnik said...

This is not the first time Hamas TV sells this "Tel Al-Rabi" story to kids...
A few months ago, when Farfur was killed, there was also a huge reference to Tel Aviv.
Need a reminder?

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...

Moishe Oofnik,

(Only the Israelis are likely to get that nic :-). You're right. They also talked about Tel Al-Arabi when they had Kuku and Fuku
(the newest puppets) on last week.

At 1:12 AM, Blogger Erik in Iowa said...

Carl in Jerusalem...
Not just Israelis noticed the whole Farfur kerfuffle. It made the headlines for a brief time in the States. I will have to see Kuku and Fuku. I assume that they are as creepy and disturbing as their predecessors. There are some who are watching over here.


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