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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hezbullah's woman in the FBI and the CIA gets a $750 fine

Nadia Prouty, the woman who spied for Hezbullah at the FBI and the CIA (and who is married to a State Department employee who had 'sensitive posts' in the Middle East), was fined $750 on Tuesday. No jail time. Her former sister-in-law, who also gained US citizenship via a sham marriage was fined $500. No jail time. Meanwhile, Jonathan Pollard languishes in jail for more than 22 years and Ben Ami Kadish awaits trial. Outraged yet? If not, you will be once you've seen what Debbie Schlussel has to say about it.

What's more, Judge Cohn heaped praise on Prouty. In his "reasoning" for this absurd ad infinitem sentence, Judge Cohn said that Ms. Prouty was getting no jailtime because there was "no evidence" that she shared the info she got on the Hezbollah investigations with her former brother-in-law. Hello . . .? Was she doing this for her health? He secured a kitchen worker from his restaurant to marry her so she could fraudulently obtain U.S. citizenship. And she owed him.

Moreover, Chahine fled the country before he was indicted. I'd say that's proof that she informed him of the status of the investigation. Any claim that she didn't share the info is dubious, to say the least.

Cohn also said that Prouty served with distinction in terrorism investigations in Iraq and elsewhere. But, big whoop. Prouty was working on behalf of Shi'ite Hezbollah. The investigations she was involved with were going after Sunni terrorists. This is a Hezbollah/Shi'ite goal, not something for which she was brave or merits plaudits:

A former Detroit-area woman who engaged in a sham marriage to obtain U.S. citizenship and obtained key jobs in the CIA and FBI was fined $750 but given no jail time today by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn blasted media coverage of Nada Prouty's indictment, which he said was fueled by government news releases, and said it distorted the circumstances behind the charges against Prouty. Cohn said Prouty, who lives in suburban Washington, served the United States with distinction in Iraq and elsewhere, at times placing herself in peril on behalf of her adopted country.

Uh, not. See my comments above. Her adopted country is Hezbollahstan, and for that country, she did place herself in peril on its behalf. But NOT for us.

It's interesting that Ms. Prouty--who is Druze, not Muslim--worked on behalf of Hezbollah over here, while the group is now killing Druze (and Sunnis and Christians) all over Lebanon. They're suffering, and she wins big. Sickening.

Read the whole thing.


At 6:24 PM, Blogger Culture for All said...

This leads me to think about Jonathan Pollard's case - but I haven't seen anyone cover this story from that angle.

You might like the new RSS feed reader on C4A Carl. :-)

- Steven


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