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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hezbullah's 'surveillance' at Beirut Airport

Hezbullah was caught installing a wireless camera overlooking a runway at Beirut Airport this week. The camera was overlooking the airport's runway 17, which is used exclusively by executive jets. Among those who regularly fly by executive jets are Walid Jumblatt (pictured at the top of this post with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon), Premier Fouad Saniora , Mustaqbal Movement Leader Saad Hariri and Elias Murr. The allegations that Hezbullah was 'observing' the runway are now being investigated by an examining magistrate appointed by the state prosecutor. Jumblatt in particular is furious.
Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat Accused the Airport Security department of loyalty to Hizbullah, called for banning flights by Iranian jetliners and said the Iranian ambassador should be asked to Leave Lebanon.

Jumblat, addressing a press conference at his ancestral palace in Mukhtara, also accused the Hizbullah-controlled Jihad al-Binaa institute of maintaining "a base" overlooking Beirut airport.

He said Hizbullah has built its own communications network that also is linked to Syria.

He said such practices by Hizbullah were tantamount to declaring its own state.

Methods applied to monitor the possible smuggling of weapons through Beirut airport in line with UNSCR 1701 are "worthless as long as commander of the airport security department is penetrated by Hizbullah" Jumblat said.

Jumblat charged that Hizbullah's security chief Wafiq Safa practices "security control over Beirut Airport and he decides whether it is allowed to the Army and police to move."

"They can practice abductions and assassinations along the airport road or runway number 17," Jumblat said.

He accused "Syria's gangs" of killing chief of the army's military operations Gen. Francois Hajj.

Jumblat said areas off limits to state security are "reservoirs for booby trapped cars."

He said the police department's counter-terrorism expert Wissam Eid had been assassinated "following his success in detecting certain communication related to the Hariri assassination."

Jumblat said he has decided to disclose such information "before people march in my funeral or that of (Mustaqbal Movement leader) Saad Hariri."

He accused Syrian President Bashar Assad's Regime of possible involvement in the Feb. 12 assassination of Hizbullah's Imad Mughniyeh "being a witness to the Hariri assassination" in 2005.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri's Freedom of Movement is "limited," Jumblat said.
So what's going on? Al Beeb reports that Arab League secretary Amr Mussa was in Beirut today trying to get the various parties to agree on a new President. That might have got the tempers flaring. Don't get me wrong - I'm sure that Jumblatt is telling the truth and that Hezbullah really was trying to use the airport runway for some nefarious purpose. But I suspect that Jumblatt's outburst today was for Mussa's benefit. Or maybe Condi, who is currently in Israel, was planning to visit?


At 5:30 AM, Blogger Findalis said...

The minute that Hezbollah declares itself a nation, that is the minute Israel should attack. Hezbollah has stated over and over it will destroy Israel.

So Hezbollah, declare your nation. The IAF is waiting by, fueled and armed, they can bomb your sorry asses to the stone age. And the beautiful things is that a Hezbollah state is not a member nation of the UN.

At 8:25 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Hezbollah has replaced the PLO in Lebanon's Shiite heartland as a defacto state within a state. The Lebanese government as it exists has power only on paper and has no effective writ in most of the country.


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