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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bush to be targeted in Saudi Arabia?

President Bush arrived in Israel this afternoon and he will be here until Friday, when he moves on to Saudi Arabia. Jihad Watch reports on a posting on an Islamist site that claims that the President will be targeted in Saudi Arabia by al-Qaeda trained snipers.
According to the posting, members of a pro-Al-Qaeda cell from a Gulf country have undergone sniper training in a Western country, and "will lie in wait during [Bush's] upcoming visit [to Saudi Arabia]."
Read the whole thing.

The real question is why the President is going to Saudi Arabia in the first place. He says he is going to discuss oil prices, something that was futile in January. It's time for Bush to ratchet things up with the Saudis. If they want all those fancy weapons he promised to sell them, they ought to bring back the million barrels of oil per day they cut from production two years ago.


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