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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Arabs try to close doors on UN 'Security Council' debate

The UN 'Security Council' is the only body within the organization that theoretically has any real power, and for the most part, like the rest of the UN, it has overwhelmingly been favorable to the Arab world except when the US exercises its veto power to protect Israel. But one area where it has not helped the Arabs is public relations. Arab intransigence and obtuseness are on display in the Security Council for all to see due to the Security Council's open debate policy. Now the Arabs want to close the doors to save themselves from embarrassment.
The Arab proposal was described on Tuesday as unusual and far-reaching. The Security Council is the only body in the UN whose decisions have practical significance and which has enforcement authority, including the right to use force.

The initiative to have closed sessions, which is being pursued through covert channels for the meantime, is an expression of the frustration and affront that Arab and Muslim envoys to the UN feel.

The Arabs have recently been embarrassed during recent Security Council meetings concerning the Middle East in the wake of the condemnation of extremist comments by representatives of Arab countries who participated in open Security Council meetings.

A veteran Western diplomat said on Tuesday that the Arabs in the UN want to prevent media reports on the meetings, which have recently become a source of criticism and scorn against extremist Arab positions.

In last week's Security Council meeting on the Mideast, Israeli ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman said the "assassins of Damascus and the butchers of Sudan" had no right to be preaching at Israel.
You mean someone has finally started to not only figure out their game but also to publicize it? Must mean the Messiah is coming soon.


At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let all men of good will step outside and let those within close the doors.

Then have the crane outside with the huge wrecking ball release it. Physics will do the right thing.


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