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Sunday, March 16, 2008

'Moderate' Fatah to rebuild Shehadeh home

The 'moderate' good terrorists of Fatah are going to rebuild the home of bad terrorist Mohamed Shehadeh who was killed in Bethlehem last week by the IDF. And your tax money and mine - both of which assist the 'Palestinian Authority' - is going to pay for it.
The moderate Palestinian government will rebuild the home of a West Bank militant leader who was killed by Israel Defense Forces last week, an official said Sunday, in an apparent response to similar offers from the Lebanese Hezbollah and Hamas.

Mohammed Shehadeh, the Islamic Jihad leader in Bethlehem, was killed along with three other militants in an IDF raid there last week. His house was demolished by Israeli forces a week earlier.

Salah Haniyeh, spokesman for the Palestinian ministry of public works, said the death of Shehadeh shook Palestinian society. He said rebuilding the family's home must be a priority.

The move appeared to be an effort by the government of President Mahmoud Abbas to pre-empt offers by others, including Hezbollah and the Islamic militant Hamas, to rebuild the house. Abbas is concerned about the rising influence of the Lebanese guerrilla group as well has Hamas, his main rival.
Give them a state reichlet and they'll stop worrying about what the 'radicals' think.


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