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Monday, February 25, 2008

The explosion in Tabriz was at a missile site

I'm now more convinced than ever that I am right and that today's explosion in Tabriz had something to do with Iran's nuclear program. Here are some details about Iran's missile site in Tabriz. Note that the missile site is characterized as being "southwest of Tabriz" which is the same direction as today's explosion (Hat Tip: Free Republic).
Situated approximately 10 kilometers southwest of Tabriz, Iran, is a missile facility unique outside of the world's nuclear powers. For the first time, such a nation has chosen to operationally deploy ballistic missiles inside of silos. Granted, some non-nuclear nations deploy silo-based missiles, but these are all defensive weapon systems. The Tabriz facility represents the first silo-based deployment of offensive weapons outside of the world's nuclear powers.

The Tabriz missile facility is a relatively expansive site consisting of four primary areas. Apart from the silo location, there are areas for both administrative and support functions, missile storage, and an unoccupied HQ-2 (CSA-1 GUIDELINE) SAM site.

An overview of the Tabriz missile facility can be seen in the image below:
The Tabriz SSM facility provides Iran with its first survivable missile base. The weapons inside the silos provide Iran with the ability to launch a potential retaliatory strike against aggressors in the region. It is likely that more silo complexes will be constructed in the near future, to allow Iran to possess a survivable missile deterrent against future aggression. The presence of a survivable, retaliatory missile force inside of Iran is something that must be taken very seriously by any nation considering military action against the Persian nation.
Read it all.

It will be interesting to hear what caused this explosion. Like the Syrian explosion in September, so far, no one is saying (unless you count the misinformation the Iranians distributed earlier today).


At 6:07 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I think that's proof the Iranians intend to install nuclear warheads at some point on their missiles. Building a hardened missile base makes no sense if all you're doing is seeking civilian nuclear production.

Tabriz is the dark side of Iran's nuclear program.

At 9:54 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Can you publish your google earth placemarks?

At 3:30 AM, Blogger Daniel434 said...

Israel needs to act on Terrorhan before it is too late. The whole world will wait until the 12th hour. Israel cannot afford this. This is not a game, it is a madman who wants to annihilate Israel when he gets the bomb.

Forgetting the above, imagine the shift in the Mideast when they finally get a nuclear weapon. Even if Achmegenocide does not attack Israel, the shift in power will be too incredible and open the gates of hell.

Israel needs to act on Terrorhan, and act soon.

Carl, How do those in Israel feel with this horrible looming threat? Aren't they panicked, worried? I assume considering the fact they face deadly threats every single day since their existence they have become immune to this, but I would argue this threat is far greater than anything in recent history. This is war.

Now back to the question, how does the Israeli population react to the news of Terrorhan Nuclear developments and is there a divide among orthodox Jews and Secular Jews regarding the news of Iran's nuclear developments?

At 6:32 AM, Blogger Sean O'Connor said...

It would take a nuclear blast to cause the kind of damage were something at the Tabriz silo site to have been the culprit. Had a missile detonated prematurely in a hardened silo, the effects outside the immediate area would not have been this widespread. Had a missile detonated after launch, you wouldn't have windows shattering in Tabriz either. The IRNA says it was the elimination of old ordnance; I was present in Iraq in 2004 for a similar occurrence, and I can tell you that such an event, given where they claim to have held the detonation, could have cuased this level of damage. Iran may need to be dealt with, sure, but this is not indicative of anything covert in my opinion.

Pretty amusing that it happens less than a week after I post the article about the Tabriz silos, though!


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