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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The bomb was in the headrest?

The Sunday Times of London is reporting that the bomb that killed terrorist Imad Mugniyah last Tuesday night in Damascus was placed in the headrest of his car.
At 10.35pm he decided to go home. Having exchanged customary kisses with his host, Hojatoleslam Ahmad Musavi, the newly appointed Iranian ambassador, Mughniyeh stepped into the night.

Minutes later he was seated in his silver Mitsubishi Pajero in a nearby street when a deafening blast ripped the car apart and killed him instantly.

According to Israeli intelligence sources, someone had replaced the headrest of the driver’s seat with another containing a small high-explosive charge. Israel welcomed his death but the prime minister’s office denied responsibility. Hezbollah accused the “Zionist Israelis” of killing its “brother commander” but believed the explosive had been detonated in another car by satellite.

One witness said: “I held his head in my hands, kissed him farewell. His face was burnt but intact and he had received serious injuries to his abdomen.”
And the Times claims to know what Mugniyah was up to most recently:
Israel fought a bitter 34-day war against Hezbollah in 2006 to eradicate it in southern Lebanon. It believes that Mughniyeh was instrumental in rebuilding the group after the war, rearming it with Iranian-made Fateh 110 rockets which are capable of hitting Tel Aviv and which it fears could be equipped with chemical weapons.

Informed Israeli sources said that at the time of his death Mughniyeh was working for the Syrians on a terrorist attack against Israeli targets. This was to avenge Israel’s airstrike on what was believed to be a secret nuclear site in Syria last year.
What I didn't give you about this was the title of the article, because it's unproven. Despite the citing of 'Israeli intelligence' sources, the article doesn't seem to say that Israel was responsible. The title of the article says that: "Israel kills terror chief with headrest bomb."

I have to give an Uzi Mahnaimi alert because he is one of the authors of the article. The only named source is described as "a former major in unit 504 of Israeli military intelligence who was in charge of Mughniyeh’s file." If my google search of the source is correct, he is currently living in the United States and is not likely to be privy to the current goings on in military intelligence. In short, while I believe that the manner of the killing may be correct, I have serious doubts whether Israel really did it. And as to what Mugniyah had been up to in the last two years, anyone could have guessed that.


At 4:16 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Martin Kramer had some interesting comments on his "Jerusalem Post" blog this morning about how Hezbollah distanced itself from Imad Mughniyeh for years and its Western useful fools bought the lie to justify Hezbollah as a "normal" Lebanese political and social movement.

That lie worked until Hassan Nasrallah this past week blew it to smithereens by openly embracing the hitherto denied Mughniyeh as the movement's central martyr and admitting Hezbollah's orientation as a global terror front by vowing to wage open war against Israel anywhere.

So all the rationalizations advanced to deny Hezbollah's true nature have revealed the group is entirely capable of lying in order to deceive the infidels. One shouldn't hold one's breath waiting for the infidels to admit they were made fools of.

At 5:23 PM, Blogger littleoldlady said...


Somebody is a big fat liar. Either he was lying on his stomach over the headrest or this witness "held his head in his hands" down the street in the next block.

Or it wasn't in the headrest.


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