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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Assud and Saraa call for blood and discuss being 'martyred'

Many of you have probably already seen this clip which was televised on Hamas television on Friday. Unfortunately, I have not yet succeeded on getting on MEMRI's short list of blogs whom they allow to embed these things as soon as they are put out, but I did get it from YouTube this time (they usually disable the embedding there). I trust you all remember Assud the Hamas bunny (who looks like Bugs) and the 'lovely' Saraa Barhoum.

As you watch this, around the 3:30 mark you will see that Saraa tells the children that they must be prepared to sacrifice their blood, and around the 5:15 mark Assud and Saraa discuss what will happen if either of them is 'martyred.' And for those of you who still believe this is about the 'occupation' that began in 1967, please note that every city mentioned in this video was under Israeli control before 1967. Every single one of them.

For those of you who don't have kids, please realize that this show is very attractive to children. My almost-4-year old was just standing here while I was watching it, and although he speaks no Arabic and cannot read English, he was mesmerized by it (as was the 6-year old who saw me watching a clip yesterday). Scary stuff.


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