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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So much for global warming: Blizzard expected in Jerusalem

It's just starting to snow here now, although it's been very windy all day and it's in the 30's. Temperatures are expected to drop during the night and tomorrow with the heaviest snow coming during the day tomorrow. They are saying at least 15-20 centimeters - about 6-8 inches. But at least the city has assured that the Winograd Report can come out tomorrow on schedule:
Snow began to fall in the capital early Tuesday evening after the city's municipality completed its preparations ahead of expected change in weather.

Nearly one hundred snow plows dispersed 34 tons of salt on the city's streets while tractors headed to emergency centers around Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Snow began to fall Tuesday afternoon in the north of the country, in places that are higher than 700 meters above sea level. Later on, the snow spread to hilly regions above 500 meters.

The snow is expected to spread to other hilly regions in the center of the country sometime during the night. According to the forecast snowfall will continue throughout Wednesday and taper off Thursday.

While it was not yet known whether schools would open on Wednesday morning, the Education Ministry clarified that the authority to call off studies was in the hands of local municipalities, and emphasized that parents should contact their local municipality first.

The ministry added that it would open a special hotline that will operate 24 hours a day. The number of the hotline is 12-12-222-666, and it will provide information on the activity of schools around the country.


In related news, members of the Winograd Committee contacted the Prime Minister's Office and the Jerusalem mayor's office on Monday and requested that they ensure that roads to the PMO and to the city's International Convention Center remain open on Wednesday so as not to delay submission of the report.

The municipality announced that it would do the the utmost to keep roads open and said that it would also provide snowcat rides to the convention center to two of the committee members who live in Jerusalem. Ironically, since the convention center is near the entrance to the city access to it would presumably be easier for those arriving from outside the capital.
And Mrs. Carl and I have to go to Tel Aviv tonight....


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