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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shocka: British taxpayer money supporting PA hate education

No, this story is not about Al-Beeb, they don't broadcast to 'Palestine' yet.

A British NGO called the TaxPayer's Alliance has conducted a study into the use of British taxpayers' money given to the 'Palestinians' for 'education.' I'm sure you'll all be shocked at the results:

MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being poured into financing terrorist propaganda, it emerged last night.

Some of the cash is even being used to fund school textbooks which teach children in Palestine to worship violence and hate all non-Muslims.

The money has also been spent on school books praising the “insurgents” killing British troops in Iraq, a report revealed.

Tories and Jewish leaders expressed outrage at the revelations and called for an urgent investigation into how the Palestinian Authority has used £47.5million in British aid over the past year.

Shadow Foreign Office Minister David Lidington said he was “disturbed” by the findings of the TaxPayers’ Alliance report. He added: “It is imperative that future generations are taught a message of reconciliation and mutual understanding.

Please note that they are also teaching hatred of the United States and its allies who are fighting in Iraq. And no, the TaxPayers' Alliance isn't talking about Hamas television either:

But the report, by analyst Matthew Sinclair, says that British aid “is helping to fund ‘hate education’ and promote violence.” It gives examples of programmes on the Palestinian Authority’s official TV station.

One sermon on November 10, 2006, proclaimed: “We want to kill the Jews. Kill them one by one, make their children orphans and their wives widows.”

Another attacked anyone who refused to become a Muslim. It said: “God’s enemies are the enemies of the religion! Count them and kill them.”

Most shockingly, a Palestinian Authority pre-school education programme in 2004 included the following exchange: Girl: “If a boy comes in front of your house where a tree is planted, and cuts it down, what would you do?”

Tarabisho (a puppet): “I’ll fight him and make a big riot. I’ll bring AK-47s and I’ll commit a massacre.”

One textbook justifies executing those who leave Islam because “Islam has to protect itself.” A history book praises “a brave resistance to liberate Iraq”.

At least the TaxPayer's Alliance understands what the British government (and the US and Israeli governments as well) apparently doesn't: Money is fungible. If you give them money - even for a good purpose - it frees up money they can use for other purposes:

A spokesman for the Department for International Development said: “We don’t fund the Palestinian Authority directly and therefore don’t fund textbooks.

“UK aid is spent on helping Palestinians to pay doctors and teachers, maintain water and electricity supplies and support refugees. It’s certainly not spent on promoting violence and extremism – we undertake stringent checks.”

But the TaxPayers’ Alliance said that, by funding worthwhile activities, Britain was freeing up funds which could be spent in more sinister areas.

Just imagine what they'll do with another $7.7 billion in 'international aid.' They'll have a madrassa on every street corner teaching jihad against the West.

But most importantly, when you indoctrinate children, it takes years to undo if ever. Things that are instilled into a child's subconscious while the personality is still forming - until the age of 6 or 7 - are always there. You cannot undo them. The 'Palestinian Authority' is dooming its children to hatred for generations. And they think it's a good thing.


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