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Monday, January 28, 2008

Expelling all those Jews from Gaza couldn't keep all the Sharons out of jail

There's poetic justice in this.

I have often said that the expulsion of all the Jews from Gaza was undertaken as a desperate attempt by Ariel Sharon to keep himself and his sons out of jail. While Arik has managed to keep himself out of jail by having a stroke two years ago, his son Omri (pictured, top left) will be going to jail next month. The Supreme Court said so. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
Sharon, a former MK, had been convicted of concealing illegal contributions from secret donors to his father's 1999 campaign for leadership of the Likud.

In his appeal, Sharon argued that because he voluntarily confessed about his actions and took full responsibility, he prevented a lengthy legal ordeal and should therefore be spared jail time. Further, Sharon said that an amendment in the campaign law which was approved in 1993, which detailed for the first time a model for campaign financing of primaries, was known to be impossible to implement.

"This situation, whereas a law is not obeyed and is not de facto enforced […] constitutes an understanding [that jail time is unnecessary for this offense]," Sharon's lawyers wrote in their appeal. "Sharon is the first man and the only to stand trial for breaking the Primaries Law since the amendment was legislated 14 years ago."

Sharon was initially sentenced in February 2007 to nine months in jail, nine months suspended and a fine of NIS 300,000. He was found guilty of making false entries in the documents of a corporate body, making a false oath and violations of the Political Parties Law.

In late June 2007, The Tel Aviv District Court on Monday partially accepted his appeal, and reduced his jail sentence by two months. However, the Supreme Court refused to offer any additional leniency.
Do you all understand the logic? Everyone else was speeding breaking the law anyway, and they can't possibly catch everyone who speeds breaks the law anyway, so how come I have to go to jail just because I'm the only one who was caught? And besides, I 'cooperated' so that should save me from going to jail.

He needs a separate law to tell him not to make fraudulent entities in corporate books and not to lie under oath? I don't know why the District Court reduced his jail time in the first place!

/Only in Israel


At 5:07 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Of course - the law in Israel is selectively enforced. There are crooked leftists to but they are never brought to book.

Jews who protested the Disengagement are still being prosecuted and punished. Israel's Jewish "security prisoners" - e.g, Jews who killed Arabs won't be considered for pardons for the occasion of Israel's 60th anniversary even though the government IS considering releasing Arab murderers from jail.

That being said, Sharon Jr. does deserve to go to jail. Its just that the law doesn't protect every Jew equally and not those whose ideas are out of favor with those in power.


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