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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another terrorist bites the dust

Terrorist George Habash (pictured, top left) died this evening and 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has declared three days of 'national' mourning in memory of the old murderer. Jammie Wearing Fool has extensive coverage of Habash's career, but perhaps missed the irony in his death being announced by Leila Khaled. Khaled was Habash's number one protege, and was arrested for trying to hijack an El Al flight from Amsterdam to New York on the same day that three other planes were hijacked to Dawson's field in Jordan.

Khaled had hijacked a TWA plane to Damascus in 1969, and escaped on the same bus that took the hijacked passengers away from the airport. In 1970, she was overpowered by passengers on the plane (her partner was shot and killed) when she tried to pull out a hand grenade and the flight was diverted to London. The Brits arrested her and released her a few months later in a hostage exchange.

Don't cry for George Habash. Here's some his organization's history:
* 1970, the PFLP blew up a Swissair flight to Israel in midair. 47 people died, including 15 Israelis.

* 1972, Japanese terrorists trained by the PFLP murdered 24 people, including 16 pilgrims from Puerto Rico, at Lod airport.

* 1976, PFLP terrorists cooperated with German terrorists and hijacked an Air France jet to Entebbe, Uganda. The hostages were freed by Israel in a daring raid.

* 1980, PFLP terrorists took over the children's room at Misgav Am in northern Israel, and murdered a baby, as well as the kibbutz's director.

* 2000, Habash retired from active leadership of the PFLP, for health reasons.

* 2001, a PFLP squad assassinated Israeli Minister Rechavam Ze'evi.

* The PFLP carried out three suicide bombings between 2002 and 2004, at Karnei Shomron (3 murdered) at Geha Intersection (3 murdered) and at Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv (3 murdered).
It's a pity he died peacefully.


At 3:19 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Agreed. Will Olmert have the decency to break off ties with Abbas? Well... he's the "good" terrorist. Habash was the "bad" terrorist and he's not even being described as a terrorist in the Hebrew media.

Such is the spirit of our time when people can no longer distinguish between good and evil. An enemy of the Jewish people should never be allowed to die peacefully in own bed. But after Israel set the precedent with Arafat, it could hardly mete out a different fate to Habash.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Mother Effingby said...

Hey Carl, I hope you don't mind, but the title of your post made me hungry, so I went and created a Habash flambé recipe. I realize it isn't the same as passing out sweets, but it is tasty, none the less, and more elegant than mindless ululation.


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