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Saturday, January 19, 2008

UPDATED: Amazon.com marketing DVD that calls for warns of Israel's destruction

Amazon.com is actively marketing a DVD that calls for Israel's destruction. This is from London's Jewish Chronicle.
A JC reader complained after receiving a promotional email for the sale of Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran, and The Revolt of Islam, on release on January 21.

Portrayed through the eyes of Muslims, the DVD calls for the elimination of political independence for Jews. The film’s website reports: “It reaches the unavoidable conclusion that Western and Israeli misunderstanding of Islam is leading to a coming war, which will have devastating consequences for the West.”

In a statement, Amazon UK said: “Emails of this nature are generated by Amazon UK’s recommendation technology. This technology looks at a number of different criteria, including previous purchases and products customers have reviewed or rated, and then recommends titles based on what similar customers have also purchased or rated.

“In this specific instance, the customer has previously bought or rated Operation Thunderbolt.

“As many customers who have bought or rated that title also went on to buy Farewell Israel, that title was recommended.”

It continued: “Amazon believes in the freedom of speech and does not believe it has the right to censor people’s reading or viewing. Therefore, our selection includes some titles which people may find distasteful or otherwise objectionable.”
Do they sell bomb making books and videos too?

Update 10:28 AM

Reader Nannette referred me to the movie's web page, where I watched the trailer. If the trailer is representative, the movie is not anti-Israel. Rather, it is a movie that warns that the West is being taken in by Iran and by radical Islam generally. The article in the Jewish Chronicle may have been based upon a JC reader who doesn't acknowledge reality. What I still don't understand is why Amazon did not respond by citing the film's true nature instead of making a very neutral statement about freedom of speech.


At 3:16 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

So much for the talk anti-Semitism is dead. Its now respectable again. In fact, at Oxford Union, the pro-Israel side in the debate is represented by anti-Semites! That says it all as to how far downhill things have gone in the past 60 years and not only with the sale of an anti-Israel DVD at Amazon com.

At 3:56 AM, Blogger Nannette said...

Hi Carl,

The film is a stark warning to the west about Islamism and our refusal to acknowledge the Truth of the global jihad.

I read some good reviews about it, but read the makers page here.

The complaint in the JC was obviously from one of those self-haters, and who believes that Islam is the religion of peace...

At 10:27 AM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


Thank you. I watched the trailer and you are indeed correct. I am going to update the post.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Nannette said...

Thanks for the correction Carl... it's actually a film worth buying from what I've been reading.

If the worlds leaders all become like the arch dhimmi Olmert, then we're in for a lot of trouble ahead.



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