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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An explosive morning in Sderot

Eighteen Kassam rockets have hit the western Negev this morning, mostly in and around Sderot. Three people were lightly wounded - one 0f them with shrapnel - and several have been treated for shock.

This morning's attacks come while three other things are going on:

1. The IDF is continuing to 'operate' in southern Gaza, where eight 'Palestinian' terrorists were killed yesterday. As a result, Fatah is having second thoughts about attending today's 'final status' talks (good!) and is considering a boycott.

2. The 'security cabinet' is meeting today to discuss, the Gaza operation, which has now cut the Strip in half, with tanks blocking the main road leading from Khan Yunis to Rafiah, with an expansion of the operation being considered.

3. The Supreme Court will hold a hearing today in which the government will have to defend its refusal to fortify every home in Sderot against rocket attacks. The government was already in court on Monday where it argued that
the issue of fortifications "is not limited to this singular context and is closely linked to various other matters, that will have ramifications on Israel's security, image and deterrent capabilities.

"It effects the ability of residents in the conflict area to remain steadfast in the face of the attacks as well as various budgetary repercussions."
Another hearing will be held today. Some 800 families are asking the government to fortify their houses or compensate those who have already paid for fortifications on their own.

There was a story on the radio yesterday morning - which I have not seen in print - that claims that the reason the IDF is not operating in Gaza is because the government is afraid the 'Palestinians' will kill Gilad Shalit. While I would love to see Gilad Shalit home safe and sound with his family, it seems absurd to place 250,000 people at risk (the same report said that the 'Palestinians' now have rockets that can reach as far as Kiryat Gat, 35 kilometers from the Strip) for one person.


At 5:24 PM, Blogger HolyCityPrayer said...

where did you get that good map?

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