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Friday, December 21, 2007

Coup in the works against Fayad?

This report came from DEBKA and as lots of you know, their sources aren't always reliable, but this one sounds plausible.

DEBKA is claiming that a movement is afoot among the 'moderate' Fatah leadership to depose suit and tie-clad 'Prime Minister' Salam Fayad.
Our sources report the revolt is led by ousted Gaza strongman Mohammed Dahlan, jailed terrorist Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Qureia, chief Palestinian negotiator with Israel. If Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stands in their way, the Fatah leaders propose cutting Fayyad off from exercising his authority on the West Bank. The revolt was sparked, DEBKAfile’s Palestinian sources reveal, by the international donors’ allocation of $7.4 bn for state-building at their Paris conference five days ago. Dahlan and Co. are determined not to let this bonanza fall into the hands of a Fatah outsider, whose appointment was forced on them by Washington. The success of their scheme would spell the end of the peace process proclaimed by President George W. Bush, flanked by Ehud Olmert and Abbas at Annapolis last month.


DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair have got wind of the Fatah plot. They realize that if Fayyad, goes, so too does the prospect of orderly Palestinian government and transparent financial management. Their plans to create the institutions of statehood and an effective campaign against terror will go up in smoke.

They are especially dismayed to discover that Dahlan, long a close associate of Rice, champion of relations with Washington and friend of Israelis in high places, has taken up the cudgels against the “Americanization” of the Palestinian Authority.
At least now we know why Condi isn't responding to Congressman Bill Pascrell's letter. (I had an email yesterday from John Parsons telling me that there is as yet no response - four months now!).

Was anyone really naive enough to believe that all that money was actually going to go where it was intended? Or had they planned to give it to Fayad to do what he wants and they now fear it's going to go back to the old guard instead?


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