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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Another al-Dura fraud: Jamal's scars not from shooting

I'm sure you all remember Mohamed al-Dura (pictured, top left) the 12-year old boy who was allegedly shot by Israeli troops at Netzarim junction in September 2000. As you also know, a French court is currently hearing an appeal from the slander conviction of French businessman Phillipe Karsenty for claiming that a fraud was perpetrated and that Israeli troops could never have shot al-Dura.

On Wednesday night, Cable News Channel 10 ran a story (a Hebrew newscast which I could only get to run using Internet Explorer!) that claims that the scars that Jamal al-Dura - Mohamed's father - claims that he received during the same incident in which Muhammed was killed - were in fact the results of an attack by a gang of 'Palestinians' in 1992 and subsequent surgery from 1994 which grafted a tendon from his foot into his right arm. The story includes an interview with the Israeli surgeon who treated al-Dura in 1994, and who says that there is no way those scars game from gunshots. Here's more from Nidra Poller at PJM:

According to the Metula release (link in French), Jamal al Dura declared on medical records in 1992 that Palestinian militia had attacked him with axes. Doctors at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital* were able to save his life but he lost the use of his right hand because they could not repair a ruptured tendon in the forearm. Palestinian doctors referred Jamal to Tal Hashomer [should be Tel Hashomer. CiJ] hospital in Tel Aviv in March 1994. Dr. Yehuda performed reconstructive surgery, grafting a tendon taken from the foot, and restoring almost normal use of the hand. The medical record of that operation also refers to the removal of “foreign bodies,” suggesting that other instruments besides axes were used in the 1992 attack.

Alerted by the Ména [Metula News Agency] to the film of Jamal’s wounds produced in 2004 by Talal Abu Rahma at the demand of France 2 news director Arlette Chabot, to silence investigators, Dr. Yehuda and his colleagues declare that the scars shown in that film were incurred in 1992 and result from axe blade wounds and definitely not from gunshot. They are ready and willing to testify to this in any court.

The Metula release promises further revelations in the near future.

You will note in the picture above that Jamal is cradling his son with his right hand - the same one restored by Israeli surgeons. Probably free of charge.

Anyone still believe Mohamed al-Dura was killed by Israeli soldiers? I'll bet that really was his wedding last month.


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

That's really interesting. I've thought for a long time that the stories about Jamal were one of the biggest puzzles. On a web site that tries to lay all the facts out (and more or less implies that the kid was not killed at all) they nonetheless seem to concede that Jamal was hurt badly that day (in the pelvis, I thought it said) and had to have life-saving surgery, and that before going into surgery he was ranting about how the Israelis had killed his son. Now I always wondered--was the guy such an ideologue that even when he was badly hurt himself he was busy promulgated a bald-faced lie that his son was killed, or was he told by someone else that his son was dead and assumed it was those "evil" Israelis, or what? This casts a new light on it and would seem to imply that the *entire story* of Jamal's having been hurt and undergone surgery for wounds on that day is a fabrication. I don't know where _that_ hospital supposedly was or if it could be tracked down. If it was a "Palestinian" hospital, anything is possible in the way of fakery.

As for its having been the son's wedding, I've been wondering for a while, if he wasn't dead, what they did. Did they change his name and tell him to pretend he was a different kid if anyone from "outside" asked him, or what? And did they bury an empty coffin? The whole thing is weird, but the Palis are willing to go to great lengths to fake stuff against Israel, so I'm open to more weirdness and conspiracy here (because they _do_ conspire) than I normally would even consider.


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