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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Unprecedented security for "Red Alert"

I don't recall seeing security like this in the sixteen years I have lived in Israel.

We had a meeting today in my daughter's school, which is a 5-10 minute drive away. We left fifteen minutes before the meeting time, and were lucky enough to be on time because we didn't have to pass through any roadblocks to get there.

Coming home was a different story. It took more than 45 minutes. Here's why:
Jerusalem police went on red alert Sunday in the wake of intelligence warnings over an impending terror attack in or around the city, police said.

The heightened alert came two days before the US-sponsored peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland.

Police were conducting spot checks on vehicles at the entrances to the city, causing unusually heavy traffic congestion in the capital, and were increasing border police patrols on the northern and southern outskirts of the city.

Magen David Adom rescue services went on the highest state of alert in the wake of the announcement of the police red alert.

Security officials have said that Hamas might try to carry out terror attacks during the peace talks.

On Monday, the eve of the Annapolis summit, police are scheduled to raise the terror alert nationwide to one level below the highest.
There are helicopters hovering overhead constantly. The government realizes that if God forbid there is a terror attack this week, Olmert can come back to Israel long enough to resign. Then he'd have to move to France.


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