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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hezbullah's woman at the FBI

CBS News reported yesterday that 37-year old Lebanese born Nada Nadim Prouty pleaded guilty yesterday of faking a marriage in 1989 to win U.S. citizenship, clearing the way to being hired and given security clearances by the FBI in 1999 and the CIA in 2003. She then
improperly searched an FBI computer database for information about her relatives and links they might have to the Hezbollah terrorist organization, the criminal sheet showed. She joined the CIA in 2003 and resigned as part of her guilty plea Tuesday, officials said.
And who are her relatives? Here's Debbie Schlussel with that story:
She's the sister-in-law of Hezbollah's $20 million dollar financier Talal Khalil Chahine (owner of "La Shish" restaurants which remain open!), whom U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy allowed to flee the country. Prouty is the SISTER of Chahine's wife, Elfat El-Aouar.

And get this: The FBI and U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy (and before him, U.S. Attorneys Craig Morford and Jeffrey Collins) knew Prouty was a spy for Hezbollah back in 2003, but they allowed her to work for the FBI and CIA for over FOUR Years! They did not remove her from the job until the end of this past September--1.5 years after her brother-in-law was indicted for financing Hezbollah!!!!!!
You would think that Prouty will be spending a lot of time in jail. You would be wrong.
Nada Nadim Prouty is facing less than 12 months of jail time, or no jailtime at all, and three years of supervised probation and a fine totaling $2,225 under the plea agreement.

For infiltrating the FBI and CIA and spying for Hezbollah.
But Debbie spells out the real problem here:
As long as we continue to hire Muslims to be translators and analysts, as long as we continue to give money to Arabic and Muslim schools to teach their kids Arabic instead of non-Muslim, non-Arab Americans, as long as the FBI (and ICE) continues to turn down Sephardic Jews and Maronite Lebanese Christians who speak Arabic and who've applied for jobs in favor of extremist Muslims, that's the result we will get. Spies, spies, and more spies.
Read the whole thing.


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