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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hamas seethes

Hamas is seething tonight at Arab participation in the Annapolis conference mugging. They find no excuse for that participation while Israel still occupies 'Arab lands' exists. But they have nothing to fear because none of the Arabs even plans to shake any Israelis' hands (Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs) at the mugging.
Hamas expressed dismay Saturday at Arab foreign ministers' unanimous decision to participate in next week's Middle East peace conference in the United States, saying there could be no justification for taking part as long as Israel retains its hold on Palestinian territory.

"The announcement of the Arabs that they would participate in the Annapolis conference was a great shock for the Palestinian people," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, said in a statement. "Participation opens doors for normalization of relations with the Israeli occupiers."

The Arab League on Friday agreed to attend the conference in Annapolis, Maryland, despite failing to get any advance guarantee of Israeli concessions. Saudi Arabia, previously reluctant, said it was also on board.

The Arab countries have put their weight behind Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in his dispute with Hamas. They also said they were attending because they saw a real chance for Middle East peace.


"No matter what the excuses are for participation, they are unacceptable," Abu Zuhri said. "Hamas reiterates that the Palestinian people were expecting a unanimous Arab decision to break the (Israeli) siege, instead of meeting with the occupiers."
I guess the Arab League is more afraid of the Islamists than they are of the 'Zionist entity.' And well they should be.


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