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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dual loyalties Treasonous Behavior

The standard anti-Semitic canard says that diaspora Jews are more loyal to Israel than they are to their home countries. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this cannot be proven. On the rare occasions when it is proven, jail time often awaits the disloyal for their treasonous behavior. But not here in Israel.

I have explained on many occasions that many - if not most - 'Israeli Arabs' are a fifth column who are waiting to join their 'Palestinian' brethren in throwing the Jews into the Sea and turning this country into yet another Arab-Islamic state reichlet. Many of them cannot even be accused of dual loyalty - their loyalty is strictly to the Arab cause. This morning's news has two more examples of that trend: one among the country's intellectual elite and one in the government itself.

At Haifa University - an Israeli state institution at which students pay approximately $2500 per year for a first class education - the leaflet in the top corner of this post was distributed this morning. The leaflet is called "The Palestinian Student's Journal" and it calls for 'reoccupying Jerusalem.' Those of you with sharp eyes will note that the leaflet includes a picture of Muhammed al-Dura, the 12-year old Gazan boy whose staged 'murder' was televised around the world by France 2. France 2 is due in a Paris courtroom today to show video of that staged 'murder' and I should have more on that story later today.

Back to Haifa University. The leaflet was distributed by Arab students at the University to mark the anniversary of the death from AIDS of former 'Palestinian' leader Yasser Arafat and "Arab Kaffiyeh day." The university was able to seize and confiscate some - but not all - of the leaflets.
MK Alex Miller (Yisrael Beiteinu) told Ynet that he had the material reviewed by a legal counsel and that he intended to file a police report against its distributors.

"The students distributing this material are guilty of incitement and are not worthy to be neither the university's students nor citizens of Israel," said Miller.

"I intend to demand President Shimon Peres' involvement in denouncing the leaflets' writers and distributors," he added.
But Shimon Peres is the one who keeps telling us that in his 'new Middle East,' the Arabs will be happy to live together with us because they will have economic advantages...like university degrees.

The government example is none other than Raed Majadle, the first Arab minister, who was appointed to his position by Ehud Barak's Labor party and Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert and serves as Israel's 'Science, Culture and Sports' Minister. Majadle, who made headlines several months ago when - while still a 'minister without portfolio' - he declared that he would never sing HaTikva, the Israeli national anthem (recall from my previous post that Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D predicted this would happen), made headlines again yesterday with an announcement from the Knesset plenum justifying the destruction of evidence of the Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount.
The Jewish State's first Arab minister, Raleb Majadle, declared Wednesday that as far as Jerusalem's Temple Mount is concerned, Israeli sovereignty is nonexistent and Islam rules. The minister spoke in his official capacity as Minister of Science, Culture and Sport, from the Knesset podium, in response to a parliamentary question by MK Aryeh Eldad (NU/NRP).

MK Eldad's question referred to the unsupervised digging carried out by the Muslim authorities (the "Wakf") on the Temple Mount during the summer, by means of heavy machinery. "I received a series of photographs of digs on the Temple Mount near the Dome of the Rock," the parliamentary question read. "The police are present on the scene but there is no supervision by the Department of Antiquities regarding finds taken out of the digs, and there is a serious concern that they could be destroyed by the Wakf. What will be done in the short term to stop the destruction of the remains of the Temple?"


MK Eldad asked Majadle pointedly from the plenum floor: "Does Israeli law apply on the Temple Mount or does it not?"

Majadle answered: "In my opinion, certainly not." Eldad reminded him that in answering parliamentary questions he speaks for the entire government, but Majadle was unfazed: "I will say my opinion. Before I am a government minister I am first and foremost a person and a citizen and a Muslim. With all due respect for the law, the law was meant to respect the religion, the person and the citizen and protect him, and not the other way around, enslave him," he explained. "Therefore I say clearly: Al-Aksa, Al-Haram al-Sharif [as the Temple Mount is called by Muslims – ed.], cannot be under the authority of Israeli law."

Eldad interrupted him repeatedly, reminding him that he had sworn allegiance to the State of Israel and its laws, but Majadle insisted: "I hereby inform you, esteemed MK Eldad, that I may be a minister for one, two or ten years but I was born a Muslim, and a Muslim I shall die. I respect Israeli law... but if there is a contradiction between the law and my deep faith as a Muslim, I announce that I will know what to choose."

Immediately after this exchange, MK Eldad wrote to the Prime Minister demanding that Majadle be fired from the government. In addition, he asked the Attorney General to open a police investigation against him, on suspicion of breach of trust.

Majadle's response was to repeat, this time in writing: "I respect Jewish law and recognize the sensitive situation in the Temple Mount and act accordingly, but I believe as a Muslim that in times of peace the holy places must be outside of the political dispute. My opinion is that they must be administered according to religious laws and not be placed under any earthly sovereign."

It goes without saying that Olmert will take no action against Majadle, and that 'right winger' Avigdor Lieberman's and Alex Miller's Yisrael Beiteinu party and the 'ultra-Orthodox' Shas party will continue to sit in the government with him. After all, what's more important: principles or cabinet ministries and the funding that comes with them?


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