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Monday, September 03, 2007

Al-Beeb to advise 'Palestinian' journalists

At least I don't pay taxes in Britain.

Damian Thompson reports on the Telegraph's blogs that al-Beeb is going to 'advise' 'Palestinian' 'journalists.' "On what," asks Thompson, "impartiality'? It seems that al-Beeb is advertising for a 'project director' for the 'Palestinian territories.'
“The Project Director will be responsible for managing and co-ordinating delivery of the Trust’s EIDHR-Dutch co-funded project in Palestine titled: ‘Support for the Palestinian Media Sector with Focus on Building Sustainable Mechanisms for Professional Development of Journalists and Media Professionals’. The project aims to increase the level of networking and dialogue between media professionals in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”
Given the level of bias against Israel at al-Beeb - which is being kept under cover by the government corporation's refusal to publish its own Balen report on bias in its Middle East coverage, the 'Palestinian' journalists should feel right at home. And British taxpayers will not only be financing their own national broadcaster's virulent anti-Israel hatred, but also that of the 'Palestinians.' And I thought our government and media were unrepresentative.


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