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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Al-Beeb excuses Kassam fire

Mike at the Monkey Tennis Centre exposes yet another instance of BBC biased reporting, this time regarding the Kassam rockets being fired at Sderot:
But, it turns out, the terrorists had a perfectly good excuse:

To the Islamic Jihad militants who fired them, the rockets were pay-back against Israel for the deaths of a number children in Israeli air strikes in Gaza in the past week.

To the best of my knowledge, Islamic Jihad hasn’t issued a press release claiming that the attack was in retaliation for any particular incident, in which case Asser is quite simply making excuses for attempted murder on their behalf. Islamic Jihad, and groups like them, don’t need any encouragement to try and kill Israelis. And, even if this was ‘retaliation’, Asser makes no distinction between the deliberate or indiscriminate targeting of children by terrorists, and the accidental killing of children by Israeli troops.

It’s been said many times but it bears repeating: when Israeli forces kill Palestinian civilians it’s because they made a mistake; when Palestinians terrorists kill Israeli civilians it’s because they’re trying to.

For the record, the three children who were killed most recently were playing near a rocket launcher which had been placed close to their homes by terrorists. The sad reality is that the extremists value the deaths of their own children even more than the deaths of Israelis, because they know that the BBC and other sympathetic media will give disproportionate coverage to such incidents, and will report them with little or no context.
Read the whole thing.


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