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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saudi Arabia wakes up and smells the coffee in Lebanon

“I used to think that the Lebanese exaggerate when they accuse Syria, but now I realized that she is the foundation of all troubles”

Comment from Mohammed Abdul Aziz, a Saudi who read about the plan to kill the Saudi Ambassador in Lebanon in Alarabiya. (Hat Tip: Beirut Spring)

What prompted that comment was this:
Sports and Youth Minister Ahmed Fatfat said that both the Saudi and the United Arab Emirates ambassadors to Lebanon received death threats.

“Threats directed at the Saudi and the United Arab Emirates embassies are not new,” Fatfat told Voice of Lebanon radio station.

“The cabinet will discuss this issue in its coming session,” said Fatfat.

Khoja [Saudi ambassador to Lebanon CiJ]left Lebanon on August 17 after that the Saudi embassy notified the Lebanese Foreign Ministry of a “threat of attack against the ambassador's residence, the embassy or other Saudi interests in Lebanon.”

The embassy said it had received warnings from Saudi Intelligence Services about “a terrorist act against Saudi interests in Lebanon.”

"I don't want to exaggerate the threats and I don't know why it had been exaggerated in Beirut," Khoja told the daily as-Safir.

He expresses appreciation to the Lebanese security forces who “continue to undertake measures around the embassy and I am confident they are fulfilling their duties.”

Khoja assured that he will resume work "at the end of my summer vacation.”
All of which has prompted the Lebanese government to act against Hezbullah Hezbullah's private communications networks.
“We agreed to draw a plan of action for a peaceful resolution of this issue, but we are serious about resolving it because it is a dangerous matter,” Information Minister Ghazi Aridi told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

Aridi said that a committee to draft a report on recent information in this regard has been established.

According to Aridi Hezbollah networks “went beyond the southern village of Zawtar al-Sharqiyeh...to reach Beirut and the suburbs of Beirut which are outside the security areas of the leadership of the resistance.”

Aridi declared that the government was determined to protect the Hezbollah and the symbols of the resistance from the Israeli enemy, “but the information that we gathered do not follow this logic.”
And I'm sure that once there's a 'Palestinian' state reichlet, Hezbullah will voluntarily disband or the Lebanese government will throw them out of Lebanon and in either event, the sun will rise in the west and set in the east.

I wonder whether the Saudis also want to 'protect Hezbullah.'


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