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Friday, August 17, 2007

Israel's delusional foreign minister

Foreign Minister Tzipi Feigele Livni received a delegation of Muslim leaders from India yesterday (link in Hebrew). I'm going to translate (in summary) part of this story into English for you, because I believe it gives some indication how detached from reality Livni is:
In Israel, we are interested in increasing the support of Arab and Muslim countries for the concessions and steps being made towards the 'Palestinians.' In return for steps like the freeing up of PA money and the freeing of 'Palestinian' prisoners, "it is important that Arab and Muslim countries react with steps of their own."

Livni said that the visit will encourage Muslim communities in other countries to show tolerance to Israel.

The meeting with the delegation is important in breaking the mistaken stereotypes on both sides. "It is forbidden to allow extremists to turn this into a religious war. A religious war cannot be resolved while nationalistic disputes can be resolved by compromises by both sides."
On what planet has she been living since 9/11? (Here in Israel, we saw this long before 9/11, but at least since 9/11 it should be obvious to the rest of the world too).


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