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Monday, August 20, 2007

Ehud the hypocrite

This is rich:
Amid a growing backlash against entertainers who evade IDF service, the Prime Minister's Office is considering publishing a blacklist of such artists so that local councils will know not to hire them for official celebration events.

The prime minister's adviser for social affairs, Vered Swid, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday she has been urging mayors nationwide "to take affirmative action on behalf of artists who have served their country" and that this suggestion had been accepted by every local council head she had contacted.

She said the initiative was particularly important ahead of the celebrations for Israel's 60th anniversary of independence next spring.
Please recall:

His two sons currently reside abroad. Shaul, an adherent of Yesh Gvul (which refuses beyond-Green-Line military assignments), is now based in New York. Ariel, who never did IDF service, lives in Paris. Olmert, if elected, might soon be exposing other folks' kids-in-uniform to perils his own boys are spared.

His daughter Dana, a Machsom Watch activist, will meanwhile interfere with the duties of soldiers manning checkpoints to prevent terrorist predations.

'Nuff said.


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