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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gemayel murderers caught

The murderers of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel have been caught and have confessed. To no one's surprise, they are members of Fatah al-Islam, which is backed by Syria.

They also have a rather curious way of protecting politicians in Lebanon:
At the same time, some are taking their precautions.

Right after the murder of Lebanese MP Walid Eido in Beirut on June 13, the majority decided to send abroad MPs and this for their own protection.

So about 30 of them now live in Paris, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Cairo; the other MPs belonging to the majority who stayed in Lebanon have been given extra security measures.

In fact, the majority thinks that the targeting of its most prominent MPs is aimed in fact at “switching it” to the minority by killing little by little its MPs. This would greatly impact the election in the fall of a new president.

The government has also decided to organize 2 parliamentary by-elections scheduled for August 5 but this has been contested by the opposition.
I wonder if this will persuade Nancy Pelosi that Bashar al-Assad isn't such a nice guy after all.


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