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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Destination Damascus

Is there anyone out there who is planning to take a summer vacation who hasn't chosen a destination yet? Mrs. Carl in Jerusalem would love it if I took her to Venice, but we can't afford that this summer.

The New York Times has a suggestion which is actually much closer to home for our family, but I don't expect to take them up on the suggestion. The Times suggests that we should all visit Syria. Of course, Jews and others with Israeli visas in their passports (or who have visited 'occupied Palestine') can forget about the suggestion, but the rest of you (anyone left on this blog?) can take them up on the suggestion if the State Department travel warning doesn't concern you and if the fact that a Canadian traveler 'disappeared' in April doesn't worry you.

Please send Khaled Meshaal my regards and tell him that the helicopters and F-16's are coming for him, Inshallah.


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