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Monday, May 21, 2007

Watch out for exploding cell phones

YNet is reporting that Hamas has instructed its members not to use their cell phones. For those who have forgotten why, here is the story of Hamas bomb maker Yihye Ayash:
Exploding Cell Phones

According to the same article, members of the Palestinian delegation involved in the Israel-Palestinian peace talks distrust their cell phones and have forsworn their use. One reason may be Israel's propensity for using sabotaged cell phones to eliminate its more extreme opponents.

In January 1996, Israel's internal security Relevant Products/Services service, or Shabak, allegedly used an exploding cell phone to assassinate Palestinian suicide bomb mastermind Yahya Ayyash, known as "The Engineer." Ayash was believed to have been responsible for at least 130 deaths in a series of suicide bombings in Israel.

Returning the Favor

It's interesting to note that the head of the Shabak when that operation was being planned was Ya'akov Peri, who later would become CEO of Israeli cell phone company Cellcom.

The Palestinians have gone to great lengths in trying to return the favor. Last October, when Israel lifted its quarantine on the West Bank and Gaza, Israeli police caught a Palestinian trying to cross the border with a similarly rigged cell phone. The phone, they believe, was intended for use against an Israeli politician.
Ouch! That was an earful!


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