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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Palestinian' Civil War Update - At least 14 more terrorists killed today

By my count at least fourteen more 'Palestinian' terrorists have been killed today in battles between Hamas and Fatah. That does not count the "at least four" who were killed in the IAF strike on Hamas headquarters (the original headline - which was when I posted it - said seven; it has since been changed to "at least four"), although I just got an email from Harvey in Efrat claiming that the IAF strike killed nobody and that the four Hamas terrorists were killed by Fatah terrorists.

Let's run down the body count:

Five Hamas terrorists were killed by their own when Hamas terrorists attacked a car carrying Hamas terrorist prisoners guarded by Fatah terrorists. Two Fatah terrorists were killed along with the five Hamas terrorists so that makes seven.

Hamas radio reports that another Hamas man was killed in another clash - that makes eight.

Early this morning, Hamas terrorists executed six Fatah terrorist bodyguards - apparently at the home of Rashid Abu Shback (see below) - so that makes fourteen.

A nurse riding in an ambulance was also shot in the head in the crossfire - the JPost says she was killed, while YNet says that her family claims she is brain dead but being kept alive on a respirator.

In addition, there were 'clashes' near the 'heavily guarded compound' of 'moderate' 'Palestinian President' Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen. But as I speculated (correctly) yesterday, Abu Mazen is in Ramallah.

Hamas also attacked the home of Rashid Abu Shback, Fatah's 'security chief' and the head of its 'Preventive Security Service' until the 'unity government' took effect two months ago. Abu Shback, who is a despicable individual (he was responsible for the mortar attack on a children's school bus in Kfar Darom in 2000 in which two adults were killed and three children from the same family lost limbs), was unfortunately not at home at the time.

The picture at the top left of this post is an AFP picture of Abu Shback's 'home.' I know that many of you believe that the 'Palestinians' are poor 'refugees' who live in dilapidated shanties. I think it's important that you should all know how they really live. If you could put that house in the middle of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, would you want to live there?


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