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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Those who would destroy us from within

Those who would destroy the Jewish people aren't always Arabs and aren't always non-Jews. We have more than our share of Jewish anti-Semites who are willing to destroy the Jewish people.

One of the highlights of Independence Day in Israel is the torch lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl, which is followed by a fireworks display. Those honored to light the torches are typically people who have contributed exceptionally to the State's growth and well-being. Last night, an 'alternative' torch lighting ceremony was held opposite the Prime Minister's residence in Central Jerusalem. The ceremony was organized by the extremists of 'Yesh Gvul,' a group that supports soldiers who refuse to fulfill their military duties by serving in units that are over the 'green line.' And lest you think that these people 'only' oppose Israel's 'occupying' Judea and Samaria, listen up who some of their torch lighters were:
Lefist Tali Fahima lit a torch Monday in honor of Zakaria Zubeidi, the commander of Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing). "I light this for my friend Zakaria Zubeidi, with whom I have demolished fortresses," she said.


Among the torch-bearers at the alternative service were Prof. Kelman Ettleman - a member of Israel's communist party, Johannes Bayu – the director of African refugee development, peace activist Anat Hoffman, human rights lawyer Gaby Laski, and women's rights activist Lakia Yardeni.

Bayu called on Israel to accept African refugees, stating that centuries of Jewish persecution had created an Israeli obligation to help others. "If Israel will not protect persecuted people, who will?" he said.

Another torch-bearer Tamir Foster, who had refused his call to reserves during the second Lebanon war, was told by his father prior to the ceremony: "Tali Fahima will be speaking before you; you'll be speaking after a corruptor of Israel." [Well, at least the kid's father has some sense. CiJ]

Fahima, while lighting her torch, spoke in honor of, "Palestinian captives, political prisoners who are Israeli citizens, Lebanese captives in Israel [Samir Kuntar? CiJ], and the Israeli captives in Lebanon and Gaza." She also referred to the rocket-plagued residents of Sderot and the Western Negev as "captives of the Israeli government's destructive policy."

Fahima said that "Israel calls Palestinian political prisoners 'security prisoners' and uses this categorization as a tool to ignore the issue of the Palestinians' struggle for liberty.

"I call on anyone who wants in their own life liberty, mutual respect and equality to use their body as a human shield to stop Israel's violence in the territories, which is becoming crueler, and thus, tightening around our necks like a noose," she said.
The real question is why the government provides police protection for this 'event.'


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